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About Hayley

Hayley is now 19, but is still attending secondary education. In Uganda school years do not necessarily correspond to age – if a child does not meet the required standards in their end-of-year exams, they have to retake the whole year, sometimes multiple times. This becomes very difficult financially and limits future progress.

Her mother died when Hayley was in primary school, leaving Hayley as a main carer for her seven siblings, since her father suffers severely from AIDS. School attendance became difficult and Hayley’s ability to concentrate on her studies decreased.

Hayley is herself HIV positive and is often worryingly unwell.

What are the risks facing Hayley?

Ill health, heavy duties as a main carer and a lack of household income mean that Hayley’s education has been constantly interrupted.

Not only is Hayley’s poor health a worry, but her father’s weakened condition means he could die at any time, leaving the children alone. He is mostly bed-ridden and unable to work to support the family.

How do we respond to Hayley’s situation?

We have matched Hayley with a sponsor, giving her the opportunity to go to school, and providing her with medical and welfare support.

Her family also benefited from supplementary feeding and gifts of livestock, which is desperately needed in their situation.

Working alongside Hayley’s school Headmaster, we closely advised the family to ensure the fair sale of some of her father’s land to pay for an operation he needed.

Children's names are changed and their photographs obscured for reasons of protection.