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About Jonah

Jonah is a 17 year old Ugandan boy.

He is an orphan, since both his parents died from AIDS, leaving Jonah, his younger brother and three sisters, to be cared for by their elder brother.

The eldest brother looked after them until he got married and his wife refused to house his siblings too. The five youngest were forced out and had to rely on the generosity of relatives in the local area to take them in for short periods of time.

What are the risks facing Jonah?

Having no fixed abode means life for Jonah and his siblings is extremely unsettled. They cannot always stay together, there is no one relative taking responsibility for providing for the children financially and they face constant disruption as they try to attend school.

Children like Jonah will often drop out of school because there is no one to provide their funds and no role-model to show them the benefits of an education.

How do we respond to Jonah’s situation?

Jonah has a sponsor, so he is able to attend school regularly. School opens up a route to self-sufficiency for Jonah and provides much-needed stability in his daily life.

Jonah is able to visit our Ugandan staff when he needs extra help and advice, and Global Care provides additional gifts of food to benefit him and his siblings on home visits to check on their welfare.

Children's names are changed and their photographs obscured for reasons of protection.