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About Anna

Anna is an eight year old girl.

She lives with her two older siblings and parents, all squashed into a tiny room in Kolkata’s slums.

Her father is a tailor, but cannot find regular work, so it is a daily challenge to find employment. Her mother remains at home, therefore the family income is very small and irregular.

What are the risks facing Anna?

The slum community is hostile and aggressive, making it a particularly dangerous place for children to live. Anna must be on her guard whenever she leaves her home, even if she is just travelling as far as the shared community water supply.

A tiny household income and prejudice against slum-dwellers forces children like Anna to work, or beg, from a young age, missing out on education.

Poor, dirty living conditions, lack of clean water and low hygiene in the slums mean disease is common. Without any guarantee of an income, any medical problems will go untreated, so the family is always at risk.

How do we respond to Anna’s situation?

Anna and her two siblings were identified as particularly vulnerable individuals and were enrolled at no cost into The Pavement Club in 2012.

These children are benefitting from healthy meals and healthy relationships with other children in a safe environment. Anna has a sponsor and due to the high standard of education of The Pavement Club, she has a real opportunity of higher education, increased probability of employment, vastly improved health and is better informed regarding health-related issues.

Children's names are changed and their photographs obscured for reasons of protection.