I want to help

“I went to visit to Uganda in 2016 as part of a volunteer team with my son Barnie when he was then 16. It was an amazing experience, albeit a challenging one.

In Soroti the Global Care staff so warmly welcomed us. We painted the buildings together, attempted to make paper beads for the jewellery with the girls in the skills centre, and spent time with the children with disabilities at The Ark. We visited three local schools and gave out the many pencils that we had collected from our church, school and workplace beforehand. We saw the very basic facilities at the schools and the enormous value of the lunchtime feeding programme for the sponsored children.

We did however notice straggly yellow crops of corn everywhere in the patches of land next to everyone’s hut or home. We were told the rain was late and therefore the harvest had failed and the food supply was short. It rained while we were there but unfortunately it was too little too late.

When we returned to the UK we continued to support Global Care and I was delighted to be able to join the trustees in May 2017 However when we received the literature about the harvest appeal for 2017 we were shocked to realise that the rains and harvest had again failed in Soroti. Some of the children there, quite possibly even children that we had met, were having to eat bugs for breakfast as they were so hungry and there was simply nothing to eat.

Shortly afterwards the local running club advertised the Coventry 5K fun run at the local park near our home. I thought why not?! Barnie was up for it and so we signed up with just two weeks to go. We set up a JustGiving page with helpful information from Global Care.

On the day rain threatened but thankfully held off. The local radio were there so I jumped up to mention that we were running for Global Care.

I just about managed to run the whole 5k with just one pitstop to stretch out some leg cramp! We even forgot to time ourselves! We couldn’t climb the stairs without groaning for several days afterwards but at least we got a nice shiny medal!

Having set an original fundraising target of just £250 we are delighted to have raised over £450. Our friends, family and my work colleagues, many of whom collected pencils last year, have been so generous with their support and sponsorship, and we are very thankful for their interest in and care for the children of Soroti. Many people were struck by the fact that just £4 would feed a family of 10 and £40 feed a family of 10 for 10 days. So little money to us, which will make so much difference.”

Helen Tucker

A massive thank you to Helen & Barnie and everyone else who so generously supported our Harvest Appeal in 2017. You have helped us raise over £15,500 so far, which has covered the cost of our feeding programme and given us extra to continue to support the most vulnerable of the children and families we support.