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Transcript of Benard’s story

Ella-Sophia, Donor Development Officer: When Benard first came on to sponsorship with Global Care, both of his parents had died of HIV. He was living with his sick aunt in the Slums of Soroti. They had very little money and their financial situation was made worse when Benard himself became critically ill. We found a sponsor for Benard and from that moment, his life changed completely.

Benard, sponsored child: My name is Benard, I am now 24 years old, I was taken care of by Global Care since I was actually 9 years and they started sponsoring my school from primary until when I joined tertiary school. I did a course in lab technology. And as a result of that, I now have a job and I work with Uganda Cares.

It has made a big difference that my life I never expected me to be the person who I am today. Because the family I come from, they would have not been in position to take me to school up to that level I have reached. Thanks to God for Global Care. They provided for me tuition, scholastic materials, everything and then I’m here. My hopes for the future, I actually hope to get back to school and upgrade on my study, then get married, take care of a family and help sponsor one child.

My ideal job would be still love technician. Yeah. I love that work alone. And I love to help sick, the sick people. I love to help them out.

Ella-Sophia, Donor Development Officer: Sponsorship for Benard provided food, medical support, access to schooling and resources that helped him to complete his education. He now has a job and dreams of one day supporting family of his own. There are just under 500 children in Uganda right now whose lives have been transformed by Global Care sponsors. Medical care and food coupled with good education mean children like Benard can grow out of poverty and into opportunity. Sponsor a vulnerable child; grow a strong adult.

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