*Micha’s father already had ten children by his first wife, when Micha and her brother were born to his second wife. Massive tension between the two women meant the family home in the slums of Kolkata, India, was a place of quarrels and strife.

Eventually the family spilt, and Micha, her parents and brother, moved to live in a space under a staircase, with barely enough room for two people to squat down.

There was no way Micha’s father could earn enough to support his entire family, and education for the youngest two was out of the question until they heard about the Pavement Club, funded by Global Care.

Aged four, Micha enrolled at the Pavement Club, and joined Global Care’s sponsorship programme. Always a good student, she worked hard and eventually enrolled at government school. When she couldn’t concentrate on her studies in the small, dingy staircase, she studied under the street lights. She attended the Pavement Club for extra support.

Despite all odds, she completed courses in basic and advanced tailoring, passed her board exams and is currently pursuing her higher secondary education. Through the Pavement Club she has also completed her silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, and is working towards her gold award.

At a recent family wedding Micha decorated the ladies’ palms with henna and did such a good job that she was gifted 2500 rupees.

Our partners report: “They appreciated and blessed her. She was so happy she bought and distributed sweets to all the staff the next day. When asked about how she feels about coming this far, she expressed that if you believe in yourself, transformation is inevitable!”

Now aged 20, Micha’s sponsorship will soon end, and she will step into the world with skills and confidence.

Thank you to all our sponsors. Your faithful support helps a vulnerable children grow into a strong, independent adult.

*Name changed to protect child’s identity

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Children's names are changed and their photographs obscured for reasons of protection.