Prayer Focus, June 2020

I want to help

“… those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40: 31

 Monday 1st – Saturday 6th: This week is National Volunteers week and we pray for our volunteers, and for our three charity shops and shop staff.

On Monday give thanks and pray for blessing for Global Care volunteers who give their time, energy, and expertise to support our work to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

On Tuesday give thanks for supporters who took part in the national 2.6 Challenge event and for their generous sponsors. Pray for continued donations to our Coronavirus Crisis Appeal* and for wisdom and inspiration as we distribute funds and seek more fundraising opportunities.

On Wednesday pray for our regional volunteer groups, Fundraising Friends in Coventry and Warwickshire, and Global Care North East.  Give thanks for their fundraising efforts, and their contribution to publicising the work of Global Care.

On Thursday pray for shop managers currently furloughed, pray they will be able to use this time well. Pray for the wellbeing of shop managers and volunteer teams staying at home under lockdown.

On Friday pray for wisdom as shop and office teams plan for the potential reopening of our charity shops while ensuring the safety of staff and customers. Pray for ways to recompense for the loss of income from closed shops which is significant for our work.

On Saturday give thanks for Global Care Trustees who freely give their time and expertise to oversee our work. Pray for Trustees and the UK Management Team as they consider difficult decisions over the next few months.

Sunday 7th – Saturday 13th: This week we pray for our work at the Global Care Centres in Patripul in India and remember the World Day Against Child Labour on 12th June.

On Sunday pray for our partner Simon and the staff and volunteer teams in Patripul. Pray for safety and good health, and for wisdom and blessing in their work to support Dalit (‘untouchables’) children and their families.

On Monday pray for Dalit children and families who suffer unbelievable discrimination and hardship, pray for an end to forced labour and abuse. Pray for enforcement of laws prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of caste.

On Tuesday pray for children who usually attend Global Care Centres. Pray for their safety. Pray children learn to accept our partners’ love and kindness, receive God’s healing, and find self-worth and hope.

On Wednesday pray for the local team as they continue to support the poorest families living in slums, and without government support, during the pandemic. Pray for safety for the team and for successful delivery of food parcels, soap and medicines.

On Thursday pray for families who believe their survival depends on their children contributing to family earnings. Pray that through education, vocational training, feeding and welfare care, Global Care projects will prevent children being forced to work for their living.

On Friday, World Day Against Child Labour, pray vulnerable children will be protected from forced labour. Pray economic hardships do not push millions more children into child labour.

On Saturday pray for an end to child labour and access to education for all children. Pray that once schools are open again, local schools in Patripul do not discriminate against Dalit children and they can receive quality education.

Sunday 14th – Saturday 20thThis week we remember World Refugee Day on June 20th and pray for our partners ‘Out of the Wilderness Lebanon’ and their work with Syrian refugees in the Bekaa valley, and through the House of Hope team in Damascus, supporting families returning to Syria.

On Sunday give thanks for the Lebanese team, and for our partnership providing support for Syrian refugee children living in camps in Lebanon over the last 5 years. Pray for wisdom and inspiration as together we move our focus to refugees returning to Syria.

On Monday pray for refugee families. Syrian refugees have lived in overcrowded tented camps for years, now the Lebanese government encourages them to return to Syria. Pray for God’s mercy as the pandemic brings more upheaval and complications to families planning their journeys home.

On Tuesday give thanks for teachers at the Shack Schools in refugee camps and for their work providing education for Syrian refugees over so many years. Pray for the health and safety of teachers, and of children and their families.

On Wednesday pray for healing from emotional and physical trauma for children who fled Syria in fear of their lives or who were separated from their families. Pray as people return to Syria, they can find safe places to settle and families are reunited.

On Thursday give thanks for House of Hope in Damascus which seeks to provide access to basic education for extremely vulnerable children who have already missed many years of school. Pray children are not adversely affected by further disruption to their education.

On Friday, pray for the emotional wellbeing of children attending the School Club in Damascus, pray they can begin to heal and hope for the future. Pray for the health and safety of the children and their families in this unstable area.

On Saturday, World Refugee Day, pray refugee families throughout the world have somewhere safe to live and every refugee child can access education.  Pray refugees can find work or learn new skills and make a positive contribution to their community.

Sunday 21st – Saturday 27th: This week we remember Father’s Day, and pray for our partners and projects in Myanmar.

On Sunday, Father’s Day, give thanks for fathers who bring love and cohesion to families. Pray for men, including some of our partners, who act as mentors to vulnerable young people without fathers, or with poor male role models.

On Monday pray for vision for DS, who coordinates Global Care’s support for educational initiatives in Karenni state and works to help improve nutrition, welfare and healthcare for extremely vulnerable and neglected families.

On Tuesday pray for good health for DS and his family, currently unable to reach the families they support. Pray for Karenni families, pray they can find sufficient food and access to soap and water.

On Wednesday pray for an end to the underinvestment and neglect of families from ethnic minority states, pray for better access to infrastructure and necessities such as electricity and clean water for families supported through our Myanmar projects.

On Thursday give thanks and pray for good health for our partner Joshua and his family and the local team providing care and education for very vulnerable, ethnically discriminated children at Grace Children’s Home in Yangon.

On Friday pray for the children at the home, give thanks that through the project they can access education, nutritious food and be safe and well cared for. Pray children find self-worth and emotional healing through the loving care of our partners.

On Saturday pray children at the home realise their hopes for better futures. Pray for 2 children awaiting delayed final school exam results, pray they settle quickly as they move on from the home.

Sunday 28th– Tuesday 30th: This week we pray for our Zambian partners, New Life Action Foundation Trust and their work in rural Zambia.

On Sunday give thanks for our Zambian partners, who provide education and welfare support in impoverished rural communities. Pray for them as they distribute support to vulnerable families during the current crisis.

On Monday pray for families who struggle to survive in this harsh rural area and often go without meals. Give thanks and pray for the sponsorship programme, and for work funded by Global Care to enable improvements at the local community school.

On Tuesday pray for widows who benefit from a microfinance project enabling them to start small businesses and become   self-sufficient, enabling their children to receive healthy meals and attend school. Pray they can quickly begin trading again after lockdown.


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