Prayer Focus July 2020

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“Let love and faithfulness never leave you…Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3: 3a, 5-6

Wednesday 1st – Saturday 4th: This week we pray for our UK teams as staff return to the office and our shops begin to reopen.

On Wednesday give thanks for the Coventry team who have been furloughed, working from home, and in the office over the last three months. Pray for their wellbeing and for good health as more staff return to working in the office.

On Thursday pray staff make a quick and uncomplicated transition to new ways of office working. Pray for the team who must adapt the office as the government makes changes to Covid-Secure guidance.

On Friday pray for shop managers as they start to reopen our charity shops. Pray they can easily apply Covid-secure policies and procedures and that shoppers adhere to social distancing guidance.

On Saturday pray our shops can quickly return to productive sales and once again raise funds for our work with vulnerable children overseas and promote Global Care locally.

Sunday 5th – Saturday 11th: This week we pray for our projects in India. We pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries and their work in Kolkata, and for the Global Care team in Patripul, Mumbai.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries in Kolkata as the city recovers from damage caused by Cyclone Amphan last month. Praise God that no-one in the project was injured.

On Monday pray for children at Calcutta Emmanuel School which remains closed. Pray for the local team as they continue to distribute food materials to the most vulnerable families and try to support children with ongoing education.

On Tuesday pray for the incredibly vulnerable families in the slums of Kolkata without access to adequate sanitation, and with few opportunities for employment. Pray for our local teams as they deliver care packages of food, soap and medicines.

On Wednesday pray for the local team supporting Dalit families in Patripul. Pray for wisdom as the team try to support families whose homes were damaged by the cyclone, and as the city experiences constantly rising prices and lockdown extensions.

On Thursday pray for families leaving the beleaguered city and walking hundreds of kilometres back to their villages. Weakened by hunger and at high risk from traffic accidents, children are dying and being maimed on the journey. Give thanks we could fund transport for 87 families.

On Friday pray that families can survive in villages through subsistence agriculture at least until lockdown is over and they can return to employment in Mumbai. Pray that this mass migration will not take Covid-19 to rural areas.

On Saturday pray for wisdom as the team seek alternative accommodation for one of our Patripul centres (the property owner’s family want to live in the building). Pray for a supportive landlord in a neighbourhood with a positive attitude to Dalits.

Sunday 12th – Saturday 18thThis week we remember World Youth Skills Day on 15th and pray for vocational training schemes and youth support clubs in our projects.

On Sunday pray for young people throughout the world who are unemployed, exposed to low quality jobs, under-paid, or without fair contracts. Pray for young people who work in intolerable conditions out of necessity to generate income to help their family survive.

On Monday give thanks for the Youth Club at New Day Centre in Albania.  Pray that through activities and discussion they will be helped to prepare for their futures and ultimately find employment.

On Tuesday give thanks for Vocational Training partnerships at our Uganda centres. Pray for tutors and students, and that young people are enabled to find jobs, support their families and gain some independence and security.

On Wednesday, World Youth Skills Day, pray for young people who have been affected by the worldwide closure of schools and colleges, and technical and vocational education and training institutions during lockdown measures. Pray students can adapt to new ways of learning.

On Thursday pray that as young people begin to work again, they will continue to be equipped with the skills they need and pray for greater equality in the labour market.

On Friday pray for student teachers on the Diploma in Primary Teaching in Wau, South Sudan.  Pray that when their studies resume, students gain knowledge and skills enabling them to provide primary school children with increased access to quality education.

On Saturday give thanks that completing the course in Wau gives students the potential for more employment opportunities and pray that young people do not choose to leave the course and join the militia in order to earn a better income.

Sunday 19th – Saturday 25th: This week we remember the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic and The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) suggestion that people suffering acute hunger could almost double and pray for our projects and partners worldwide.

On Sunday pray for the millions of families worldwide who do not have enough to eat. Pray for constructive and effective international efforts to relieve hunger, provide nutritious food, address root causes and consequently prevent ill health associated with malnutrition.

On Monday give thanks for long-time supporter and singer Rob Halligan. Pray that the release of Rob’s new single will successfully raise funds for Global Care’s work supporting vulnerable families impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.*

On Tuesday pray for families who rely on casual labour, and have been severely impacted by loss of employment during Covid-19 lockdown measures. Pray for increased support from local and national governments to ensure these vulnerable families have food at this time.

On Wednesday pray for children on our sponsorship programmes who previously received food at school and while schools are closed are at risk of missing meals. Pray for our partners who are working hard to distribute food parcels and alleviate hunger.

On Thursday pray for successful harvests for our projects with agricultural initiatives aimed at feeding children in their care. Pray local teams can access additional staple foods despite unavailability and high prices.

On Friday pray for work by our partners to ensure families have suitable hand-washing and medical supplies, particularly in countries where poor households cannot afford mandatory sanitation requirements.

On Saturday give thanks for our incredible partners, who have navigated government guidelines to deliver thousands of care packages to vulnerable families to prevent hunger and promote good health. Pray for ongoing support for our coronavirus appeal to enable this to continue.**

Sunday 26th– Friday 31st: This week we remember the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on Sunday 30th and pray for families in our projects who are at risk of trafficking.

On Sunday pray for greater understanding of the global problem of human trafficking. Give thanks for the safety and security of your own family and friends. Pray for your city and country remembering that no country is immune to human trafficking.

On Monday pray for children living on the streets or at risk of living on the streets, making them particularly vulnerable to traffickers. Give thanks and pray for our partners in Guatemala City, mentoring and supporting street children.

On Tuesday pray for internally displaced families in Syria, at risk of human trafficking. Pray for our partners House of Hope supporting displaced children and families living in extreme poverty in a suburb of Damascus.

On Wednesday pray for our partners working in India at Pavement Clubs who meet children and families affected by trafficking. Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as they support vulnerable families.

On Thursday, World Day against Trafficking in Persons, pray for an end to the global trafficking of men, women and children. Pray for Governments working in collaboration to bring an end to exploitation, and for the enforcement of laws to prosecute traffickers.

On Friday pray for righteousness and justice for the thousands of men, women and children who have fallen into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Pray for freedom for thousands of people this year.


**To find out more about the Coronavirus Crisis Response Appeal visit us on




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