Prayer Focus August 2020

I want to help

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”  Proverbs 31: 8-9

Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th: This week we pray for our partners at New Day Centre in Bathore, a suburb of the capital Tirana, Albania and their work with disadvantaged families, including their 3-week summer school in July and August. We also pray for our partners and programmes in Zambia.

On Saturday pray for the 70 children attending the summer school. Pray that as well as experiencing fun and play in a safe environment, children will catch up with education which was missed due to the recent earthquake and pandemic lockdown.

On Sunday give thanks for the faithful service of Evis, the project director, and the team at New Day Centre. Now lockdown restrictions are lifting, pray for the team as they plan for all their programmes to restart next term.

On Monday pray for children from extremely poor families who attend Kindergarten, including children with autism who can access inclusive education and therapy at the centre. Pray children progress to local primary schools.

On Tuesday pray for children attending the Play and Learn Club and for young people attending the Youth Group. Pray as children develop to adulthood, they gain skills and education to equip them to break the poverty cycle for their families.

On Wednesday pray for empowerment for the women’s group. Pray the local team help women learn ways to deal with everyday family and social problems and how to support each other in their struggling community.

On Thursday give thanks and pray for our partners New Life Action Foundation Trust who work with extremely poor and vulnerable families in three rural villages in Zambia. Pray for their health and safety as they continue supporting families through the pandemic.

On Friday pray for children who have missed months of education. Pray they can catch up with their peers and perform well in national exams. Give thanks for sponsorship which enables children to receive education, improves nutrition and provides welfare support.

On Saturday pray for community initiatives. Pray for M8 Primary School staff preparing for reopening while also continuing to support children at home. As women in the microfinance scheme are permitted to trade again, pray their businesses quickly start to generate income.

Sunday 9th – Saturday 15th: This week we remember the ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples’ on 9th August, praying for our work supporting minority groups. We also pray for our Communications Team and for our Prayer Day in September.

On Sunday pray that governments, communities, churches and families work together to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples. Pray for International efforts to protect indigenous communities from COVID-19.

On Monday pray for the Roma community in Albania living in informal settlements without basic services like water, sanitation and electricity. Pray for the Global Care Albania team who deliver a variety of initiatives to support Roma families.

On Tuesday pray for minority Sri Lankan Tamils. Pray for Global Care local staff at Morning Star Care Centre providing basic educational support and psychological, medical and social care to these vulnerable children and families.

On Wednesday pray for children from minority states in Myanmar. Pray for Grace Children’s Home in Yangon and for our project with the Karenni people. Pray for an end to underinvestment and neglect, pray for health and safety for local staff.

On Thursday pray for our Communications Team who have an unusually busy summer. Pray for energy and inspiration as they seek to share Global Care’s work effectively with existing and new audiences.

On Friday pray for the team as they prepare for our Day of Prayer on Friday 18th September. Pray for many supporters to join us as Prayer Partners on the day as we call on God’s mercy for our projects worldwide*.

On Saturday give thanks for the way our UK staff and International partners have responded to the needs of our children and families during extensive lockdowns. Pray for wisdom as we continue to respond to, and prioritise, specific needs in different projects**.

Sunday 16th – Saturday 22nd: This week we pray for our partners SKD Guatemala and their work with street children in Guatemala City, and for Titus and the team at New Hope Children’s Home in Cambodia.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for the local team in Guatemala City. Pray for Paula, who runs the centre, and has been working to stay in touch with the children during lockdown and ensure they can continue with schoolwork at home.

On Monday pray for protection and healing from emotional and physical trauma and abuse for children in the project. Pray for families whose income has suffered during lockdown. Give thanks for local provision of food parcels and, where necessary, support for rent.

On Tuesday pray for the volunteer mentoring team supporting individual children to learn to make wise choices. Pray for encouragement as relationships are built and pray children learn ways to bring hope to their futures.

On Wednesday give thanks for the Protection Home, an initiative enabling the team to keep beds ready and available for children and families at immediate risk of harm from a dangerous or abusive situation.

On Thursday give thanks and pray for Titus and the team in Cambodia providing safety, loving care, education and welfare support for orphaned and abandoned children at New Hope Children’s Home.

On Friday pray for the team as they work to reunite children with their extended families and pray that every child, however difficult their circumstances, has hope for the future.

On Saturday pray for wisdom as UK and local teams work together to develop initiatives to enable the Home to be self-sustaining in the future.

Sunday 23rd – Monday 31st: This week we pray for our Harvest appeal and the Slum Supper Challenge which launches on 24th August. We also pray for our partners and their work at Spurgeons Academy in Kibera slum outside Nairobi, Kenya.

On Sunday pray for a generous response to our Harvest Appeal, and enthusiastic support for people attempting our Slum Supper challenge – to live for five days on the equivalent contents of one of our food parcels for a family in Patripul, India.

On Monday pray for people taking part in the Slum Supper challenge. Pray for motivation and strength to adapt to a reduced diet, and a positive response to their fundraising efforts.

On Tuesday remember those who will benefit from the efforts of our challenge participants. Pray for vulnerable people without access to adequate water, housing and food, and pray for families seeking a better life and travelling long distances to their home villages.

On Wednesday pray for an end to discrimination and injustice for Dalit (untouchable) families in Patripul. Pray children at GCare Centres in Mumbai thrive with acceptance and love and gain self-esteem and dignity.

On Thursday pray for Patripul, which is within a coronavirus hotspot. Pray for those who mourn, for families without access to adequate handwashing or healthcare facilities. Pray for the marginalised and poor, severely affected by the disease and facing unstable futures.

On Friday give thanks and pray for the GCare local team in Patripul. Pray they will continue to be blessed within their community as more people acknowledge their positive action, love and support for disadvantaged families.

On Saturday give thanks and pray for staff and children at Spurgeons Academy. Give thanks for supporters who enable children to receive education, nutritious food, loving care, and medical support.

On Sunday pray that teachers will be motivated to stay at the school and not lured away by higher salaries elsewhere. Pray for the management team and teachers as they tackle constantly changing requirements for new textbooks and training.

On Monday pray for children living in this inhospitable and stressful environment. Pray for improved access to clean water, pray for adequate food and nutrition. Pray for children subjected to abuse and violence at home, and children with HIV/AIDS and sickle-cell disease.


* Prayer Day


**Coronavirus Crisis appeal


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