I want to help

As an act of solidarity with the struggling families of Patripul slum, will you undertake our Slum Supper Challenge?

We’re raising funds to support vulnerable families all over the world  impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Job losses, homelessness and acute hunger are just some of the challenges being faced by communities worldwide – and as always, the poorest are hit hardest.

Since the beginning of India’s lockdown, Global Care has made five separate deliveries of food to Dalit families living in the Patripul slum, in Kalyan, near Mumbai, which has been a coronavirus hotspot since the early days of the crisis, saving many from starvation.

Our challenge is this: Can you live on the contents of a Patripul food parcel for five days this summer?

Will you use the challenge to raise at least £100 in sponsorship for our Children At Risk programme, the crisis fund we are using for our coronavirus response worldwide? Can you stand with the families of Patripul and glimpse just a little of their lives?

Alternatively, if you do not wish to raise sponsorship funds, could you sign up as a regular Children At Risk partner, and commit to paying a minimum of £3 per month, for three years?

Sign up below and we’ll send you a registration pack, listing the ingredients you must buy (costing less than £10 from your local supermarket), some recipe ideas, stories from Patripul’s pandemic and – for those who opt in to receive them – some resources to help you pray.

The ingredients will include specified quantities of rice, flour, oil, sugar, chick peas, potatoes and vegetables, which should amount to 1200-1400 calories per day.

Warning – although you will receive a nutritionally-balanced diet, you’ll be drinking water and there won’t be any treats. But hey, at least your drinking water is clean. And if your fundraising hits a certain level, we might relent and allow you a tea bag or two…

The challenge launches on Monday 24 August, running until Friday 28th. However if you can’t join in then because of holiday commitments, you’ve got until Saturday 12 September to complete your challenge. Remember, it needs to be five consecutive days!


If you have selected ‘sign up as a Children At Risk partner’ in the drop down list, please sign up now using the button below.