Prayer Focus September 2020

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“See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power, and he rules with a mighty arm… He tends his flock like a shepherd: he gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”  Isaiah 40:10-11

Tuesday 1st – Saturday 5th: This week we pray for our partners Addis Kidan Baptist Church in Ethiopia, for pre-schools in the Hadiya region and for a new initiative to empower local women.

On Tuesday give thanks and pray for the Addis Kidan Baptist Church team providing spiritual input, family support, and affordable education to impoverished rural and semi-rural communities.

On Wednesday give thanks for all the children who moved from pre-schools to formal education in government primary schools. Pray children’s hopes are realised and many gain professional qualifications and stable jobs.

On Thursday pray for increased government support for rural communities and better access to necessities. Give thanks for local community leaders’ decision to continue paying teachers’ salaries throughout lockdown in recognition of our pre-schools’ high standard of education.

On Friday pray for local teams as they work to enable the pre-schools to be self-sustaining.  Give thanks that Global Care was recently able to help with the construction of water points to make the schools more attractive.

On Saturday pray for a new women’s empowerment project starting this month. Pray for the team providing training to the women. Pray the women will eventually gain greater financial stability and their children be enabled to attend school regularly.

Sunday 6th– Saturday 12th: This week we remember International Literacy Day on 8th and pray for children and overseas partners in all our projects as schools continue to be closed or children prepare to return to school.

On Sunday pray for children worldwide who are studying at home with limited resources. Pray for greater understanding of the importance of education for parents and guardians who want their children to work in this time of economic instability.

On Monday pray for partners House of Hope as School Clubs in Damascus reopen to support children with basic education, a safe space to play, and access to therapeutic support. Pray for the children, who have suffered years of trauma and instability.

On Tuesday pray for Spurgeons Academy in Kibera, Kenya. Pray for staff as they work to meet government requirements for a Covid-secure site with extra classrooms. Pray for those children who cannot return until 2021 and will have missed 10 months of school.

On Wednesday pray for students studying for a teaching diploma in South Sudan. Pray they can complete their studies and sit exams. Pray for the children they teach who receive better quality education, pray for equitable education throughout South Sudan.

On Thursday pray for boys in our project in Bangladesh who are preparing for exams. Pray they will be able to access learning materials and support to enable them to study effectively.

On Friday pray for partners SKD Guatemala and their work with street children in Guatemala City as they prepare to provide extra homework support. Pray street children can catch up with peers who were able to access online learning materials.

On Saturday pray for our extremely vulnerable sponsored children. Pray their families care for them well while they are at home and not at school. Pray children can catch up with work quickly when they can return to school.

Sunday 13th – Saturday 19thThis week we pray for our projects in Uganda amidst uncertainty as to when schools will reopen after lockdown. We pray for the Ark daycare centre in Soroti, which has also been closed in line with lockdown requirements. We remember our Prayer Day on Friday 18th.   

On Sunday give thanks and pray for Moses and Penlope, the Rukungiri local team. Pray for strength and wisdom as they support sponsored children and their families. Pray for young people unable to attend apprenticeships with local business during lockdown.

On Monday pray for the Rukungiri Children with Disability project. Give thanks for children who have been enabled to start school for the first time, and pray their families will encourage them with home study where possible.

On Tuesday pray for Patrick and Catherine our Kampala team. Pray for families in Kampala who are struggling without access to employment during lockdown. Pray that increased stress and instability does not cause family breakdown.

On Wednesday pray for managers Fred and David and the Soroti team. Give thanks for their work to ensure children are fed, safe and healthy during this difficult time. Pray for wisdom as they prepare for the future after lockdown.

On Thursday pray for staff and children from the Ark disability daycare centre. Give thanks for positive reports of families engaging with staff as they carry out home visits. Pray guardians support the children and continue with home physiotherapy and learning.

On Friday, Global Care Day of Prayer, pray for us as we commit our work and strategic direction afresh to God, seeking His wisdom, provision, and guidance. Join with us as we call on God’s mercy for our projects worldwide.*

On Saturday give thanks for our prayer partners who faithfully pray with us every day of the year. Pray for our work to recruit more prayer partners and pray for more people to be prompted to receive this monthly prayer diary.

Sunday 20th – Saturday 26th: This week we pray for our partners Community Concern, and our work in Sri Lanka at Morning Star Care Centre (MSCC), and Heavena refuge. We pray for our Trustees, who meet on Saturday.

On Sunday give thanks for the Community Concern team. Pray for strength, safety and good health, and for continued wisdom, inspiration and encouragement as they go about their work.

On Monday pray for children attending MSCC, living in rudimentary homes without access to basic necessities. Pray for the health and safety of children at risk from abuse and neglect. Pray that through counselling children gain self-worth and hope.

On Tuesday pray for children sitting exams and who were able to return to school in July. Give thanks for local staff who prepared and delivered school packs to all the children during lockdown. Pray children will quickly catch up with schoolwork.

On Wednesday pray for the two field workers.  Pray for their safety during home visits. Pray for wisdom and encouragement as they assess children’s home circumstances, support parents, liaise with government officers and provide counselling for children.

On Thursday pray for Heavena, and for staff who support women and children after being abused, homeless or trafficked. Pray for wisdom as they look to service delivery after lockdown. Pray for peace and restoration for children.

On Friday give thanks for women who left Heavena, found work and became independent, and for whom lockdown and loss of income has been particularly hard. Pray that families can quickly become self-sufficient again.

On Saturday give thanks for our Trustees and pray for blessing on their meeting today. Pray for wisdom and vision as they oversee and review our activities and future plans.

Sunday 27th – Wednesday 30th: This week we pray for our project in North Africa, and for overseas partners as countries begin to come out of lockdown.

On Sunday pray for our North African partners and for encouragement and protection for the children they support, who face social prejudice, personal loss and abandonment by families shamed by their illegitimacy because of cultural prejudice.

On Monday give thanks for the progress children are making in local schools, despite the many challenges they must overcome. Praise God for the installation of Internet just prior to lockdown which enabled senior school students to continue their studies online.

On Tuesday pray for an end to children being punished for the manner of their conception or birth. Pray this year international agencies make huge progress in enabling all children to access quality education without prejudice.

On Wednesday give thanks for overseas partners, for their sacrifice and initiative in ensuring children and families were supported during lockdown. Pray for health and safety, for wisdom and blessing, as partners adapt activities and services to meet new government legislation and requirements.





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