Winter Prayer Focus 2020/21

I want to help

“But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is the Messiah, the Lord.’.” Luke 2: 10-12

Tuesday 1st – Saturday 5th:  This week we pray for our new project in Koshe, Ethiopia, the focus of our Christmas appeal and this week’s Big Give Christmas Challenge.

On Tuesday pray for a generous response to our Christmas Appeal and this year’s Big Give challenge for our new project in Ethiopia; ‘Empowerment for Education’. Gifts donated via the Big Give website will be matched, £1 for £1, up to £20,000 from midday today until 8th December.1

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for our partners Addis Kidan Baptist Church and their initiatives supporting impoverished rural and semi-rural communities in Southern Ethiopia. Pray for wisdom as they manage the new project.

On Thursday pray for families living in Koshe, where livelihoods depend on subsistence agriculture and many children either have no opportunity for education or drop out of school to help their families generate income.

On Friday pray for a good start to the project as women begin a variety of training courses from basic literacy to life-skills. Pray that the team providing coaching will enable the women to gain skills and confidence and develop supportive relationships.

On Saturday pray the new project empowers women to set up successful income-generating activities. Pray that increasing the women’s incomes enables children to attend school regularly, and in the long-term helps to break the cycle of poverty.

Sunday 6th – Saturday 12th: The International Day of People with Disabilities was celebrated on 3rd and International Volunteer Day on 5th. This week we pray for our projects with children with disabilities in Uganda, and for our volunteers.

On Sunday pray for our project in Rukungiri enabling children with mobility difficulties to access education. Pray there will be no further delays or disruptions to the children’s education. Particularly pray for peace and protection on 14th January when Ugandan elections take place.

On Monday pray for children from The Ark disability day care centre who are currently being visited at home by local Global Care staff. Pray for caregivers learning to carry out children’s exercises and to better care for their children at home.

On Tuesday pray for families in Disability Support Groups and children who attend the Playscheme in Soroti area. Pray families can support each other through the consequences of prolonged lockdowns and pray income-generating activities quickly become effective again.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for Global Care volunteer teams in our UK office and overseas. Pray for blessing as they continue to support our work in the current challenging circumstances.

On Thursday pray for our Trustees, all volunteers.  Give thanks for their commitment and passion for the work of Global Care and pray they will be sustained and envisioned throughout the coming year.

On Friday pray for shop and office teams planning once again for the reopening of our charity shops. Give thanks and pray for the shop volunteer teams and their faithfulness in the face of uncertainty and changing conditions.

On Saturday give thanks for volunteer fundraising groups and individuals who took part in this year’s fundraising challenges. Pray that they will be blessed through their commitment to support vulnerable children.

Sunday 13th – Saturday 19thThis week we give thanks for the work of Global Care in 2020 and pray for our UK staff and supporters.

On Sunday pray for our UK staff, pray they continue to trust in God’s faithfulness and mercy. Pray for continued good health for our staff and their families.

On Monday give thanks and pray for our Patrons, faithfully giving time and energy to support and promote the work of Global Care.

On Tuesday pray for our Communications team working incredibly hard to increase the profile of Global Care despite the cancellation of 2020 events. Pray they will reach more people in 2021 to generate more funding for more of the most vulnerable children.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for the team leading applications for funding. Pray they develop efficient procedures in this increasingly difficult and competitive environment. Pray their efforts will be successful in 2021.

On Thursday pray for wisdom and insight for the Operations and Management Teams as they continue to develop effective communication systems and monitor and support projects without the benefit of overseas project visits and physical face-to-face interactions.

On Friday give thanks for all our supporters and their faithful generosity. Give thanks for their response to special appeals this year and pray for God’s wisdom as we respond to extra needs in our overseas projects in 2021.

On Saturday praise God for his faithfulness. Give thanks for His blessings and provision this year. Give thanks for all our overseas and UK staff and for their unfailing efforts to support our children and their families through 2020.

Sunday 20th – Saturday 26th: This week we celebrate Christmas and remember children in our projects who suffer violence and persecution.

On Sunday pray for Syrian refugee children whose families fled fighting and have returned to unstable and dangerous environments. Pray children at House of Hope will know the love of Christ and His light will shine in their darkness.

On Monday pray for Dalit families who fled rural poverty to seek a better life in Mumbai and then fled the city in fear of coronavirus and lockdown restrictions. Pray for children’s safety and pray they find joy and peace.

On Tuesday pray for Heavena Transitional Home in Sri Lanka, a refuge for women who have suffered domestic violence, which remains closed because of the pandemic. Pray for wisdom as the local team consider how best to support these desperate women.

On Wednesday pray for the Protection Home at our project in Guatemala which provides short-term emergency accommodation for children and women at risk. Pray the team can find long-term solutions for children to ensure their safety and well-being.

On CHRISTMAS EVE give thanks for our Saviour Jesus and for how his birth demonstrates God the Father’s incredible love for us. Pray that the light of His love always shines in our hearts.

On CHRISTMAS DAY give thanks for Jesus Christ who was born and died in poverty and humiliation. Praise our Mighty God that he rose from the dead, and celebrate His gift of eternal life for the lost.

On BOXING DAY pray for people for whom Christmas is challenging and stressful.  Pray that Jesus the Wonderful Counsellor brings hope and light into their lives.  Pray Jesus the Prince of Peace brings peace and joy.

Sunday 27th December – Saturday 2nd January 2021: This week we celebrate the New Year and pray for new projects, and new initiatives at existing projects in Cambodia, Myanmar and South Sudan.

On Sunday pray for the team at New Hope Children’s Home in Cambodia as they begin to develop further agricultural projects aiming for the Home to become more self-sustaining. Continue to pray for favourable weather to enable good harvests. 

On Monday pray for new partners Victory Church Cambodia and their work in remote Tapouk Village. Pray for an end to delays which are preventing the start of a new pre-school alongside a hog-rearing project for local families.

On Tuesday pray for plans for two new self-sufficiency initiatives to provide income for Grace Children’s Home in Myanmar. Pray the small shop next to the home will effectively generate income as soon as coronavirus restrictions are lifted and it can reopen.

On Wednesday give thanks that after long delays, new library books finally arrived at the teacher-training college in South Sudan. Give thanks that the local team could purchase new land and pray for their plans to improve premises and facilities.

On New Year’s Eve pray God’s blessing on each of our children worldwide. Pray for healing for those children orphaned or abandoned in 2020. Pray for peace and hope, strength and sustenance in Him in 2021.

On New Year’s Day, thank God for this New Year, bringing new opportunities and challenges. Pray that God will give us a clear vision, wisdom, compassion and clarity of action in 2021.

On Saturday pray for smooth uninterrupted progress on the construction of toilets (pit latrines) at Agok Primary School, South Sudan.  Pray improved sanitation brings health benefits and reduces the drop-out rate of girls.

Sunday 3rd – Saturday 9th January: This week we pray for our partners at Spurgeons Academy in Kibera slum, Kenya. We pray for our ‘50 miles 30 days’ challenge raising funds for the school.2

On Sunday give thanks for all our supporters walking 50 miles in 30 days to raise funds for Spurgeon’s Academy. Pray they will be blessed as they walk and pray for a great response to fundraising efforts.

On Monday give thanks for the team at Spurgeons Academy. Pray for blessing and inspiration as they seek to support families living in extreme poverty with little opportunity for employment and limited access to basic necessities.

On Tuesday pray for work to ensure the school meets Covid-secure government requirements and pupils can all return as soon as permitted. Pray this month’s fundraising efforts raise sufficient funds for the construction of two new temporary classrooms.

On Wednesday pray for children affected by abuse and violence at home. Pray for the children’s safety and protection and for emotional and physical healing. Pray that perpetrators of abuse are brought to justice.

On Thursday pray for children directly or indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS and children with medical problems. Pray for effective treatment and for healing and good health for all the children.

On Friday pray for families who are constantly moving home as a result of increasing rents or environmental damage such as flooding or fire. Pray for children whose safety is compromised by poor housing.

On Saturday pray for pupils preparing for exams which have been delayed until March. Pray for peace for the children, who could not access online learning during lockdown unlike students in more affluent areas.

Sunday 10th – Saturday 16thThis week we remember that Global Care’s achievements are rooted in, and dependant on, faith and prayer.  We also pray for our partners Love Your Neighbour and their work at Home of Love in Bangladesh.

On Sunday give thanks for the faithful dedication of our prayer supporters and praise God for His answers to our prayers this year.

On Monday pray for the Zoom prayer meeting taking place with supporters this evening. Pray that as together we commit Global Care’s work in 2021 to God, He will guide and lead us, and bless all who take part.3

On Tuesday pray for a renewed commitment to express and share the love of God through action. Pray that in this world of prejudice and injustice, God will provide for our work with vulnerable children regardless of their own faith or ethnicity.

On Wednesday pray for Joshe and the Love Your Neighbour team as they explore alternative long-term solutions to the orphanage model. Pray for wisdom and blessing in their work supporting abandoned and orphaned boys.

On Thursday give thanks for the commitment of staff from the Home, and teachers, who travelled to villages to support boys from the Home who returned to guardians in lockdown.

On Friday pray for the extremely vulnerable boys living at the Home because their lives were in danger. Pray for good health and safety for children and staff as they settle back into life as the Home of Love family.

On Saturday pray for Bangladesh which is beginning to see signs of a second wave of Coronavirus. Pray for wisdom for the government, which has kept schools closed for nine months and cancelled all national school exams.

Sunday 17th – Saturday 23rdThis week we pray for the Global Care team in Patripul, Mumbai and their work with Dalit families (untouchables) and we pray for our project in North Africa.

On Sunday pray for good health and safety for the local team in Patripul who face opposition for their support of Dalit families. Pray for wisdom as they continue to support families suffering the impact of repeated lockdowns.

On Monday pray for the children and families who use the Global Care centres, many of whom left the area in the hope of better conditions in their home villages. Pray for their safety and good health wherever they are.

On Tuesday pray that families living in, or returning to the city, can find work in an environment where there are limited opportunities and fierce competition for casual and low-paid jobs.

On Wednesday pray for children who often face prejudice and abuse at schools and who have missed months of education. Pray that when schools reopen, they will be treated fairly and with compassion.

On Thursday pray for our North African partners and for encouragement and protection for the children they support, who face the practical consequences of cultural prejudice.

On Friday give thanks for the progress children made in local schools, despite their many challenges. Pray for good health for children and the local team and for protection from Covid-19, particularly as children return to school.

On Saturday pray that the Internet connection installed before lockdown continues to work properly to enable older high-school students attend online classes and keep up to date with their peers.

Sunday 24th – Sunday 31stThis week we pray for issues around children’s education and schools affected by lockdown in all our overseas projects.

On Sunday praise God for the incredible work of our overseas partners to ensure children had access to some form of education throughout 2020. Pray for staff who continue to visit children and deliver educational resources.

On Monday pray for peace for children amidst the uncertainty surrounding the reopening of schools. Pray for those who briefly returned and then had their schools closed again. Pray children can hold onto their hopes and dreams for the future.

On Tuesday pray for children who should have been sitting national exams in January. Pray they can continue to study and prepare for assessments. Pray governments can agree exam dates and reduce anxiety and uncertainty for students.

On Wednesday pray for the many children in our projects without access to technology. Pray against fear caused by knowing other children accessed online learning during lockdowns.

On Thursday pray our children can quickly catch up with missed education when they are able to return to school.  Give thanks for our homework clubs and pre-schools that support children who struggle at government schools.

On Friday pray for teachers and educational assistants. Give thanks for their work throughout the pandemic and for their work preparing schools for students’ return. Pray for strength and resilience in the coming year.

On Saturday pray for families who struggle to understand the value of educating children. Pray for children relied on to help at home or work to support the family this year. Pray they are encouraged to continue their studies when schools reopen.

On Sunday give thanks for international agencies drawing attention to the risk of falling behind educationally for learners with disabilities, members of minority or disadvantaged communities, refugees and displaced persons. Pray for an international response to address the imbalance.

  1. 1. Please note: Donations to our Christmas appeal must be made via the BIG GIVE website by Midday 8th December to be eligible for match funding. Follow the link from our website or use Big Give 2020. Empowerment For Education.
  1. 2. 50 miles in 30 days
  1. 3. If you would like to take part in the Zoom prayer gathering on Monday 11th January, at 7.30pm, please call the office on 030 030 21 030 to let us know. Only people who have registered will be able to join, as we will be using a private link.


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