Prayer Focus April 2021

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“This man was handed over to you by God’s deliberate plan and foreknowledge; and you… put him to death by nailing him to the cross. But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.”  Acts 2:23-24

Thursday 1st – Saturday 3rd: This week as we approach Easter, we reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection.

On Maundy Thursday as we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, pray for the courage to love others with humility and service. Pray for those who betray, and are betrayed, and for innocent victims everywhere.

On Good Friday remember the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, offering Himself to death so that we might live forever.  Pray that as we consider the wonder of His compassion, goodness and love we are inspired to follow His example.

On Saturday as we reflect how Jesus’ friends and family mourned and wept after His death, pray for the millions worldwide who have lost relatives and friends to Covid. Pray they find peace, rest and hope in God’s everlasting love.

Sunday 4th – Saturday 10thThis week we celebrate Easter. We remember World Health Day on 7th April and pray for children and programmes in the context of health and healthcare.

On Easter Sunday give thanks for the redeeming grace of Jesus and celebrate with joy that through His death and resurrection, He opened the gate of everlasting life to us. Pray for those who are isolated from family, alone or afraid today.

On Easter Monday, as we continue to rejoice in our salvation, remember the desperately poor and vulnerable children in our projects throughout the world and pray that they will know joy and peace, and have hope for their futures.

On Tuesday give thanks for the UK’s coronavirus vaccination programme and pray for countries with extremely limited access to vaccines. Pray for continued safety from Covid for our children and partners.

On Wednesday, World Health Day, pray for a successful international campaign to seek a fairer healthier world, where access to quality healthcare is not dependant on where someone is born, grows, lives or works.

On Thursday give thanks for Global Care’s Medical Response Fund initiative, giving international partners access to funds to intervene in medical emergencies. Give thanks for all the children who received medical help last year, which they could not otherwise afford.

On Friday give thanks for everything our Children at Risk coronavirus response fund has achieved*. Pray for continued donations to enable us to keep responding to economic challenges brought about by the pandemic and ensure children are safe, fed and educated.

On Saturday pray for children who suffer because of preventable and treatable conditions such as   pneumonia, congenital anomalies, diarrhoea and malaria. Pray for increased access to immunisation, adequate nutrition, safe water and food and quality professional healthcare.

Sunday 11th – Saturday 17th: This week we pray for initiatives restarting after lockdown restrictions. We pray for our charity shops, for the Global Care team in Patripul, Mumbai and their work with Dalit families (untouchables), and for our new project in Tapouk Village Cambodia.

On Sunday give thanks for staff and volunteers at our charity shops. Pray they are blessed as they prepare again for potential reopening. Pray for encouragement and the Lord’s peace for all the shop teams.

On Monday pray for our shop managers who work incredibly hard ensuring shops follow Covid guidelines, alongside supporting volunteers and actively pushing for sales.

On Tuesday pray that once shops open again, local people will feel confident and safe to return. Pray for this important source of income to build up again quickly.

On Wednesday give thanks for the local team in Patripul and pray for good health and protection from opposition for their support of Dalit families. Pray for wisdom as GC Centres reopen and children can meet together again.

On Thursday pray for children who attend the Centres, who are subjected to abuse and discrimination, and who could not access online education during school closures. Pray that when schools reopen, they will be treated fairly and with compassion.

On Friday pray for our new Cambodia partners Victory Church Cambodia. Give thanks that the hog rearing project has started well, pray it is successful in enabling families to generate stable incomes and in supporting sustainable community village projects.

On Saturday pray families in Tapouk village understand the value of education for their children. Pray for the English classes currently taking place and for realisation of the vision for a homework club and a pre-school.

Sunday 18th – Saturday 24th: This week we pray for projects supported by our partners in Myanmar, and for our partners and children at Spurgeons Academy in Kibera slum, Kenya.

On Sunday pray for staff and children at Grace Children’s Home in Yangon, the epicentre of violent demonstrations against the military coup. Pray for their safety amidst increased shootings and pray they can access essential services.

On Monday pray for wisdom for the UK management team as we continue to provide emergency support during this time even though the partnership has ended. Pray for an end to violence, pray income generating projects can restart.

On Tuesday give thanks that our partner DS is safely back from visiting remote villages in Karenni state, which was not affected by the coup. Pray for the vulnerable and neglected children and families and impoverished primary teachers he supports.

On Wednesday pray for an end to the underinvestment and neglect of families from ethnic minority states in Myanmar, pray for better access to infrastructure and necessities, and pray the coup does not alienate the Karenni people or trigger faction fighting.

On Thursday give thanks for the team at Spurgeons Academy. Pray for blessing and inspiration as they seek to support families recovering from consequences of the pandemic, which exacerbated the challenges of extreme poverty and continues to cause serious unemployment levels.

On Friday pray children quickly adapt to learning in masks in socially distanced groups. Pray for children not back at school because without jobs, their families cannot pay for travel back to the city from their home village or afford rent in Kibera.

On Saturday pray for peace and healing for this exceptionally challenging and troubled environment, where lawlessness, substance abuse and violence have increased in the aftermath of pandemic restrictions and in the build-up to political campaigning for the 2022 elections.

Sunday 25th – Friday 30th: This week we pray for our partners Love Your Neighbour and their work at Home of Love and village pre-schools in Bangladesh. We pray for our partners the rural Diocese of Wau and their teacher training programme in South Sudan.

On Sunday give thanks for the Home of Love team and pray for wisdom as they explore alternative solutions to the orphanage model. Give thanks that all the children are back safely at the Home after returning to their villages during lockdown.

On Monday pray for the local team who have provided educational support for the children in the absence of school. Pray children can catch up on their education and pray schools will be able to open again in May as expected.

On Tuesday pray for self-sufficiency schemes at the Home. Pray the children continue to receive nutritious meals from abundant fruit and vegetable harvests and meat and eggs from the chicken farm. Pray income-generating schemes are profitable.

On Wednesday give thanks for the pre-schools, which provide basic education and equip children to be able to move on to formal education. Pray children are not disadvantaged by their inability to access online education available to their peers during lockdown.

On Thursday give thanks for the 15 students who graduated with a Diploma in Primary Education in February after studying at St John’s College in Wau, South Sudan. Pray that they will gain stable employment and be able to support their families.

On Friday give thanks that through the teacher training course, thousands of children in the area have access to better quality education. Pray for the teams evaluating the programme and considering the future direction of Global Care support in South Sudan.



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