Prayer Focus May 2021

I want to help

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:9-10

Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th: This week we pray for our partners in North Africa, and for our Ethiopian partners, the Addis Kidan Baptist Church Welfare and Development Association, and the new self-help groups they administer in rural Koshe.

On Saturday pray our North African partners are blessed and encouraged in their work caring for, protecting, and supporting children and young people who face the practical consequences of cultural prejudice.

On Sunday pray for the children, who have all returned to local schools after almost a year of school closures. Pray they make good progress in their academic work and pray for emotional healing from rejection and abuse.

On Monday pray for good health for children and the local team and for protection from Covid-19. Pray for peace and joy in the face of strict prevention measures and continued night-time curfews. Pray the team can receive vaccinations.

On Tuesday give thanks and pray for our Ethiopian partners. Pray for wisdom as they manage the new programme of self-help groups. Give thanks that in addition, a women’s microfinance project has been funded through Children at Risk.

On Wednesday pray for families living in Koshe, where livelihoods depend on subsistence agriculture and caregivers rely on their children to work and help generate income. Pray for an understanding of the value of education.

On Thursday pray for success for the self-help groups. Pray for the 225 women beginning a variety of training courses from basic literacy to life-skills. Pray for wisdom and vision for the team providing coaching.

On Friday pray the women are empowered to set up successful income-generating activities. Pray that increasing the women’s incomes enables children to attend school regularly, and in the long-term helps to break the cycle of poverty.

On Saturday pray for the local facilitator who supports the groups and individual women and is responsible for reporting to local and UK teams. Pray for wisdom as the local team recruits an assistant to help with this work.

Sunday 9th – Saturday 15thThis week we pray for our partners Street Kids Direct (SKD) Guatemala and their work in Guatemala City. We also pray for partners House of Hope and their work in Damascus, Syria, and our Trustees meeting on 14th.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for the SKD Guatemala staff and volunteer teams as local centres re-open and they meet with small groups of the neediest children, helping them get their lives back on track.

On Monday pray for children whose lives were completely disrupted by the pandemic. Pray they find hope and light through the project. Pray mentoring relationships are rebuilt effortlessly and children begin again to learn to make wise choices.

On Tuesday pray for the catch-up classes for children on the mentoring scheme. Pray for the teachers who are new to the project. Pray that receiving education in a safe learning environment helps re-motivate children to prioritise their education.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for the House of Hope team and their families. Pray for their wellbeing as they face difficult personal issues. Pray for specialist teachers providing therapeutic support and pray children begin to hope for a better future.

On Thursday pray for the vulnerable and traumatised children, many of whom are orphans, who attend School Clubs.  Pray they continue to progress at school with the support of this safe space where they can play and learn basic literacy and numeracy.

On Friday give thanks and pray for our Trustees, all volunteers, who meet (online) today. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they review our work and discuss plans for current and future programmes.

On Saturday pray for resolution for ongoing issues relating to communication between our overseas projects and the UK. Pray specifically for the team in Syria where both written reports and financial remittances continue to be affected by lockdown restrictions.

Sunday 16th – Saturday 22nd: This week we pray for our partners Community Concern, and their work in Sri Lanka at Morning Star Care Centre (MSCC) in Dehiwela beach slum, Kadella centre, and Heavena outreach centre for women who have suffered trafficking and domestic abuse.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for encouragement and blessing for the Community Concern team providing non-formal education and counselling for extremely vulnerable children at MSCC.  Give thanks that they could fully open again in March.

On Monday give thanks and pray for teachers who prepared study packs and exams for children to complete at home over the last year. Pray children progress in their learning and eventually move on from MSCC to mainstream education.

On Tuesday pray for children at MSCC whose counselling session were disrupted several times by curfews and school closures. Pray for the field officers who provide counselling and pray children know God’s peace, joy and love.

On Wednesday pray for the extremely vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS supported by the Kadella team. Pray for improved physical and mental health for the children who are themselves HIV+ and receive supplementary feeding through Global Care.

On Thursday give thanks for the Heavena team providing women with access to peer-to-peer support and connections to support groups for abused women and their children. Pray for inspiration and wisdom as they work to provide individualised support plans.

On Friday pray for Heavena staff helping women needing to find work and somewhere to live. Pray that women receiving counselling and relational support find healing and hope and can rebuild their lives and provide security for their children.

On Saturday pray for wisdom and discernment as the Community Concern team work on a proposal for this year’s Big Give appeal. Pray for clarity in understanding the information needs of their planned project for both themselves and the UK team.

Sunday 23rd – Monday 31st: This week we pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries and their work in Kolkata, India at Calcutta Emmanuel School and Pavement Clubs. We recognise the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers and pray for communities in our projects affected by conflict and unrest.

On Sunday give thanks for Emmanuel Ministries in Kolkata. Pray for wisdom and peace as they work through new government regulations regarding money transfers. Pray that transitions are smooth and do not adversely affect the partnership with Global Care.

On Monday pray for protection for our partners, children and their families living in dangerous areas of the city and vulnerable to frequent fires, accidents and political and religious tensions. Pray for good health amid rising Covid cases.

On Tuesday pray for children at Calcutta Emmanuel School whose education has been severely disrupted during the pandemic. Pray children are motivated to continue their learning. Pray they realise hopes and dreams for completing education and gaining good jobs.

On Wednesday pray for the Pavement Club team who must provide limited services to meet Covid prevention rules. Pray for the children who receive basic education and food and can play and have fun in a safe environment.

On Thursday pray for families living on the streets and struggling to survive after losing sources of income during the pandemic. Pray for children who are working or begging to support their parents and pray they return to Pavement Club.

On Friday pray for children who were unsupervised for long periods last year and became involved with gangs or drug abuse. Pray they receive the help and counselling they need to be free from unhelpful relationships and return to school.

On Saturday, The International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, pray for those who seek to maintain peace and protect civilians in areas of conflict. Remember those who have sacrificed their lives to protect vulnerable communities.

On Sunday give thanks for the Teacher Training programme in South Sudan. Pray for students who graduated in December, pray they gain stable employment, and pray for teachers who believe their education will enable them to contribute to peace collaborations.

On Monday pray for families supported by our partners in Myanmar amidst reports of escalating armed violence in ethnic states, and continued violence in Yangon and other cities. Pray for their safety. Pray for peace in Myanmar.


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