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Since coronavirus triggered lockdowns across the world, our Children at Risk fund has supported over 11,700 children and their families in 12 countries across the world. We are determined that the poorest, most vulnerable families won’t get left behind because of the pandemic.

The Shack Challenge with a superhero holding a forkRe-engaging with Education

For families in Patripul, India, there is a risk that children won’t return to education when our centres re-open. They are working to support their families or are demotivated by the long break from school. Our Shack Challenge will raise funds for a short-term feeding programme to help these families, initially providing emergency feeding, and then, once schools re-open, providing a food parcel only to students who attend our centre, at the end of each school week. Our partners hope this incentive will re-engage families who have given up on education as a route out of poverty, and give them a good reason to stop sending their children out to work or beg.

We’re aiming to raise a minimum of £13,000 to fund the programme for six months, bringing children back to school and restoring their chances of a poverty-free future.

Will you take on the challenge with us?

We’ve got two challenges for you to tackle – if you’re feeling brave, you can do both! The registration fee is £5 per person or £20 for households of 4 or more. The fundraising target is £100 – but the more you raise, the better your bonuses!

Homemade hummus for the slum supper challengeThe Shack Supper Challenge

Live on the contents of a basic food parcel for 5 days. This is based on the parcel that we distribute to families in Patripul slum, Mumbai – the only substitutions are for ingredients not readily available in the UK.

  • 1350-1400 calories per day.
  • Mostly carbs, with some protein & veg.
  • More sponsorship unlocks bonus items to vary your meals!
  • Supplies cost less than £10 from your local supermarket.

When you sign up, you’ll get your ingredients list & some recipe cards to get you started. Challenge week is Monday 23 to Friday 27 August (if you can’t do these dates, pick ones to suit you between 14 August & 12 September).

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The Shack Shelter Challenge

Spend 12 or 24 hours in a 10ft square space (except toilet visits!). 10ft square is the average size of a family shelter in Patripul, India. Like these families, you’ll have a budget to cover food, toilet visits and water. You can mark the space out in your house with masking tape, set up a tent in the garden or build your own 10ft square shelter out of whatever you can find.

  • Budget of £3.10 per day.
  • Stay in your shelter or outside for the whole day and overnight if you choose.
  • More sponsorship unlocks bonus items to improve your living conditions!

When you sign up, you’ll get your shelter instructions & price list . Challenge week is Monday 23 to Friday 27 August, so choose your day (if you can’t do these dates, pick one to suit you between 14 August & 12 September).

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