Prayer Focus July 2021

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“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”  Isaiah 40: 28 -29

Thursday 1st – Saturday 3rd: This week we pray for our partners and children at Spurgeons Academy in Kibera slum, Kenya.

On Thursday give thanks for the team at Spurgeons Academy. Pray for blessing and inspiration as they seek to support families whose lives are affected by increased unemployment alongside loss of government financial assistance associated with relaxed pandemic restrictions.

On Friday pray for the children as they adapt to changes in their learning environment to meet Covid-safe requirements. Pray for peace for children living in this turbulent and troubled environment and pray they know the Lord’s love and care.

On Saturday pray for children whose safety is compromised by poor housing, and for families who had to move house because of recent demolitions to accommodate road and railway developments. Pray that adults who struggle to pay rent will find good jobs.

Sunday 4th – Saturday 10th: This week we pray for the UK office team, for our partners in Patripul, Mumbai and their work with Dalit families (untouchables), and we pray for our partners Love Your Neighbour (LYN) and their work at Home of Love and village pre-schools in Bangladesh.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for the Coventry team as they adjust to staff changes. Pray for our new Office Assistant Eileen, who starts work on Monday 5th, and Sara, Communications Officer, who leaves at the end of the month.

On Monday give thanks for the local Global Care team in Patripul and pray for blessing in their work. As they await permission to reopen GC Centres, pray for safety as they support the children through home visits.

On Tuesday pray for protection for children at home or on the streets and pray schools can open this month. Pray children will be treated fairly and with compassion when Covid cases fall sufficiently for schools to reopen.

On Wednesday pray for children subjected to abuse and discrimination because of their heritage or disability. Give thanks that *Rebekah, a young girl with disabilities, who was orphaned by Covid, has been given a home with her grandparents.

On Thursday give thanks for the Home of Love team. Pray for blessing, and for good health and protection from Covid as Bangladesh faces a further pandemic crisis.

On Friday pray for agricultural initiatives at the home, which have suffered from lack of rainfall this year. Pray harvests yield sufficient fruit and vegetables to provide meals for the children and surplus to sell and generate income.

On Saturday give thanks for the pre-schools, which provide basic education and equip children to move on to formal education. Pray children see the fruits of the tuition programme LYN ran during lockdowns, and are not disadvantaged by their inability to access online education.

Sunday 11th – Saturday 17th: This week we pray for our partners Street Kids Direct (SKD) Guatemala and their work in Guatemala City, and we remember World Youth Skills Day on 15th July and pray for Vocational Training Schemes and Youth support clubs in our projects.

On Sunday pray for young people throughout the world who are unemployed, exposed to lower quality jobs, under-paid, or without fair contracts. Pray for young people who work in intolerable conditions out of necessity to generate income to help their family survive.

On Monday give thanks and pray for the SKD Guatemala staff and volunteer teams. Pray mentoring relationships are rebuilt effortlessly and children begin again to learn to make wise choices.

On Tuesday pray for the catch-up classes for children on the mentoring scheme. Pray that receiving education in a safe learning environment helps re-motivate children to prioritise their education and enables them to return to school and keep up with peers.

On Wednesday Duncan and Ben from SKD are visiting the office. Pray for productive meetings with the UK team.  Pray for a prayer meeting taking place this evening. Pray there will be no technical issues and our donors will be encouraged to hear about the work that SKD are doing.

On Thursday, World Youth Skills Day, pray for young people affected by the worldwide closure of schools and colleges, and technical and vocational education and training institutions during lockdown measures.

On Friday give thanks for the Youth Club at New Day Centre in Albania. Pray that through activities and discussion young people will be helped to prepare for their futures and ultimately find employment.

On Saturday give thanks for Vocational Training partnerships at our Uganda centres. Pray for tutors and students, and pray young people are enabled to find jobs, support their families and gain some independence and security.

Sunday 18th – Saturday 24th: This week we pray for our partner DS and for the families he supports in Karenni state, Myanmar. We pray for partners Victory Church Cambodia and their project in Tapouk Village in Cambodia.

On Sunday pray for an end to the military coup in Myanmar and the violent attacks on ethnic minority states. Pray for families who have lost their homes, and for families affected by road closures and the cutting off of food supplies.

On Monday give thanks and pray for our partner DS, and for his family who he has not seen for eight months through a combination of the coup and pandemic restrictions. Pray for their safety, and for good health.

On Tuesday pray for protection for the children and their families and the primary teachers supported through Global Care. Pray schools can remain open and pray children will be able to continue their education whatever their current circumstances.

On Wednesday pray for wisdom for governments and organisations working to bring peace to Myanmar. Pray for people traumatised by years of violence and instability who find themselves once again at the centre of civil war.

On Thursday give thanks for Victory Church Cambodia and the team working in Tapouk Village. Pray the hog rearing project continues to progress well and enables families to generate stable incomes.

On Friday pray for families taking part in the project as they learn how to care for the hogs and understand how different environments affect the production and growth of piglets. Pray for profitable sales when piglets go to market this month.

On Saturday pray families in Tapouk village understand the value of education for their children. Pray for the vision for a homework club and a pre-school, which have been put on-hold due to the pandemic.

Sunday 25th – Saturday 31st: This week we remember the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on Friday 30th and pray for families in our projects who are at risk of trafficking.

On Sunday pray for greater understanding of the global problem of human trafficking. Give thanks for the safety and security of your own family and friends. Pray for your city and country remembering that no country is immune to human trafficking.

On Monday pray for children living on the streets or at risk of living on the streets. Pray for our partners and their work on the streets of Guatemala City amidst reports of increased incidences of kidnapping and trafficking of children.

On Tuesday pray for internally displaced families in Syria, at risk of human trafficking. Pray for our partners House of Hope supporting displaced children and families living in extreme poverty in a suburb of Damascus.

On Wednesday pray for our partners working in India at Pavement Clubs who meet children and families affected by trafficking. Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as they support vulnerable families.

On Thursday give thanks for the team at New Day Centre in Albania and for their support of a women’s group in Bathore, providing peer support and specialist advice. Pray for the many families in Albania affected by trafficking.

On Friday World Day against Trafficking in Persons, pray for an end to the global trafficking of men, women and children. Pray for Governments to work in collaboration to end exploitation and enforce laws to prosecute traffickers.

On Saturday pray for righteousness and justice for the thousands of men, women and children who have fallen into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Pray for freedom for thousands of people this year.

*Children’s names changed to protect identity




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