Prayer Focus August 2021

I want to help

“Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”  Lamentations 3:21-23

Sunday 1st – Saturday 7th:  This week we pray for our Harvest Appeal and our UK team. We also pray for our partners, the Addis Kidan Baptist Church Welfare and Development Association, and the self-help groups they administer in Koshe, Ethiopia.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for our Communications Team as they publicise our Harvest Appeal* this month. Pray they reach their target of £13,000 to enable a short-term feeding programme for families devastated by the pandemic in Patripul, India.

On Monday pray for families in Patripul who live in restricted conditions all year round. Pray for people deciding whether to attempt our Shack Challenge** and eat a limited diet or live in a confined space later this month.

On Tuesday pray for the Communications Team as they adjust to a new member of the team starting shortly. Pray for the whole UK team as they adjust to staff changes and adapt to office alterations as restrictions are lifted.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for our Ethiopian partners. Pray for wisdom as they manage the self-help groups and support communities adjusting to the aftermath of coronavirus constraints.

On Thursday pray for families living in Koshe, where livelihoods depend on subsistence agriculture and children are expected to work and help generate income. Pray for an understanding of the value of education.

On Friday pray that the self-help groups inspire the women to save money to invest in business, and pray the groups succeed in empowering women to set up profitable income-generating activities.

On Saturday pray that as families become more financially stable, the women are motivated to send their children to school. Pray that children are encouraged to attend school regularly and complete their school education.

Sunday 8th – Saturday 14th: This week we remember the ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples’ on 9th August and pray for programmes supporting minority groups.  We pray for our partners Community Concern, and their initiatives in Sri Lanka.

On Sunday pray that governments, communities, churches, and families work together to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples. Pray for international efforts to protect indigenous communities from COVID-19.

On Monday pray for the Roma community in Albania living in informal settlements without basic services like water, sanitation, and electricity. Pray for the Global Care Albania team who deliver a variety of programmes to support Roma families.

On Tuesday pray for children from minority states in Myanmar. Pray for Grace Children’s Home in Yangon and for our project supporting the Karenni people. Pray for an end to underinvestment and neglect, pray for health and safety for local teams.

On Wednesday pray for minority Sri Lankan Tamils.  Pray for the team at Morning Star Care Centre (MSCC) providing basic educational support and psychological, medical, and social care to these vulnerable children and families.

On Thursday pray for the children at MSCC, who are studying at home again after a rise in Covid cases and further school closures in April. Pray children are motivated to work through study packs provided by MSCC teachers.

On Friday give thanks and pray for the Kadella team who support extremely vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS. Pray for children who are themselves HIV+. Pray for families affected by forced closures of government HIV support services during the pandemic.

On Saturday pray for the local team at Heavena who support women who have suffered trafficking and domestic abuse, and their children. Pray the women find work and accommodation and can rebuild their lives and provide security for their children.

Sunday 15th – Saturday 21st: This week we pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries and their work in Kolkata, India, at Calcutta Emmanuel School and Pavement Clubs.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for Emmanuel Ministries and their programmes in Kolkata. Pray for wisdom and strength in their work supporting children and families overwhelmed by months of coronavirus restrictions and uncertainty about their futures.

On Monday pray for children at Calcutta Emmanuel School whose education has been severely disrupted through successive waves of the pandemic. Pray children can realise their dreams for completing education and gaining good jobs.

On Tuesday pray for families struggling to survive and find work as Kolkata experiences recurrent restrictions on trading and travel. Pray for children working on the streets to support their families.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for the sponsorship programme, which enables underprivileged and marginalized children to receive quality education, food and healthcare at Calcutta Emmanuel School.

On Thursday give thanks and pray for the Pavement Club team who continue to provide services where possible, within Covid prevention rules. Pray children who attend Pavement Clubs know they are loved and thrive in the positive environment.

On Friday give thanks that our partners were able to encourage 24 families to take up coronavirus vaccinations. Pray for the local team as they continue to try and dispel myths and alleviate fears about vaccination.

On Saturday give thanks for the many children who have grown up through Emmanuel Ministry programmes and gained good jobs and university qualifications. Give thanks and pray for Saira*** and Malory***, former Pavement Club students who were both recently married.

Sunday 22nd – Saturday 28th: This week we pray for our Shack Challenge which launches on 23rd August, raising funds for families living in Patripul, India. We also pray for partners House of Hope and their work in Damascus, Syria.

On Sunday pray for a generous response to our Harvest Appeal and enthusiastic support for people attempting our Shack Challenges, which are raising funds to support a feeding programme to encourage children living in Patripul to return to school**.

On Monday pray for people taking part in the Shack Challenge**. Pray for motivation and strength to adapt to a reduced diet or living space. Pray for courage to share their experiences and ask for money. Pray they will be encouraged by their fundraising efforts.

On Tuesday remember those who will benefit from the efforts of our Challenge participants. Pray for families who have gone months without jobs and adequate food. Pray families will once again understand how education can be a route out of poverty.

On Wednesday pray that the Shack Challenge and Harvest Appeal together generate enough funds to not only relieve hunger and promote education in Patripul, but also provide funding for children made more vulnerable through coronavirus in other slum settings.

On Thursday give thanks and pray for good health and blessing for the House of Hope team and their families. Pray for specialist teachers providing therapeutic support, and pray they enable children to heal from trauma and hope for a better future.

On Friday pray for the children, many of whom are orphans, who attend School Clubs. Pray they continue to progress at school with the support of this safe space where they can play and learn basic literacy and numeracy.

On Saturday pray for mothers who attended support sessions and workshops run by House of Hope. Pray they can bring about change in their families and provide secure and loving homes. Pray for an end to physical and sexual abuse of children.

Sunday 29th – Tuesday 31st: This week we pray for our partners in North Africa, who provide protection and support for children and young people facing the practical consequences of cultural prejudice.

On Sunday pray that God would comfort the family at the Home as they mourn the death of one of their sons. Malek*** grew up in the Home, and after completing his education, travelled abroad. Praise God for the wonderful kindness of the local community in the aftermath of Malek’s death.

On Monday pray for good health for the children, and for continued protection from Covid-19 at the home as cases rise again. Give thanks that all the team received their first coronavirus vaccination.

On Tuesday give thanks for the faithful couple who returned to the US after serving the children for 25 years. Pray for wisdom as the local team consider the future and how best to support the remaining children to become independent adults.

* Find out more about our Harvest Appeal at

** Find out more about our Shack Challenge at

*** Names changed to protect identity.



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