Prayer Focus September 2021

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“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”  Matthew 5:3-5

Wednesday 1st – Saturday 4thThis week we pray for the team at New Day Centre and their programmes in Bathore, a slum suburb outside Tirana, the capital of Albania. We pray for a charity challenge on Saturday.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for blessing for the local team who provide a wide range of activities at New Day Centre. Pray for children who receive educational and psychosocial support at the Centre and have a safe place to play.

On Thursday pray for children who attend Kindergarten. Pray for children like Nora* who have behavioural problems. Pray families respond to the support of the local team and understand how to communicate with their children with patience and love.

On Friday give thanks for day trips and summer camps which enable children to experience activities and fun usually denied to them through poverty or disability. Pray for Saad*, who benefits from learning through play in the Centre’s loving and nurturing environment.

On Saturday pray for John Scott, Chair of Trustees, who is doing a tandem Skydive today to raise funds for Spurgeons Academy in Kenya. Pray John is encouraged by his fundraising efforts**.

Sunday 5th – Saturday 11th: This week we remember International Literacy Day on 8th and pray for children and partners as education continues to be affected by past and present pandemic school closures. We pray for our Trustees who meet on Saturday 11th.

On Sunday pray for children worldwide who have missed months of school, and particularly for those children without access to online education. Pray vulnerable children do not fall behind their peers and catch up with work quickly when schools fully reopen.

On Monday pray for partners House of Hope who continue to overcome challenging conditions to provide education and support to children at School Clubs in Damascus. Pray for children like Kabir* and Amena*, traumatised by their experiences during years of war.

On Tuesday pray for Spurgeons Academy in Kibera, Kenya, providing free education for the most vulnerable children in the community. Give thanks and pray for 5-year-old Robert* who had a turbulent start in life, and can now access education through Spurgeons.

On Wednesday pray for boys at Home of Love in Bangladesh, who are still unable to attend school due to coronavirus lockdown. Pray for good health and protection for teachers when they can visit children from the pre-schools at home.

On Thursday pray for partners SKD Guatemala and their ‘Back to School’ initiative for street children in Guatemala City. Give thanks that Kenny* and Alli* attend regularly and have improved academically and socially with care and attention from the local team.

On Friday pray for greater understanding of the importance of education for parents and guardians in all our overseas projects. Pray for children who have been working to support their families in this time of economic instability, pray they return to school.

On Saturday give thanks for Global Care Trustees who freely give their time and expertise to oversee our work. Pray for vision and discernment as they meet today to review our work and discuss future plans.

Sunday 12th – Saturday 18th: This week we pray for our partners and projects at our centres in Kampala, Rukungiri and Soroti in Uganda. 

On Sunday give thanks and pray for blessing and strength for our three local teams in Uganda. Pray for good health, and for wisdom as they support communities recovering from a further severe 42-day lockdown which started in June 2021.

On Monday give thanks for food relief Global Care provided to the most vulnerable families in July, when lockdown prevented them from working and they had insufficient food for daily meals. Pray that adults can resume work soon.

On Tuesday pray for children’s education as schools are closed once again. Pray for younger children who have not been in school since March 2020.  Pray that the Ugandan Government works towards providing equitable quality education for all children throughout the country.

On Wednesday pray for children with mobility difficulties enabled to access education in Rukungiri. Pray there are no obstacles to children resuming education when schools reopen. Pray measures to support family self-sufficiency are successful in ensuring children remain in long-term education.

On Thursday pray for initiatives supporting disabled children in Soroti. Pray for Salume, the new Disability Community Outreach Officer who visits children at home to provide support and advice. Pray for members of the Abeko and Atiira Disability Support Groups.

On Friday give thanks for the apprenticeship scheme, which provides vocational training for sponsored young people as an alternative to secondary school. Pray for local teams working hard to maintain and grow the programme amidst challenges brought by the pandemic.

On Saturday give thanks for the sponsorship programme in Uganda and for the children enabled to receive education and gain profitable jobs, breaking the poverty cycle for their families. Thank God for faithful sponsors who support children in Uganda.

Sunday 19th – Saturday 25th: This week we pray for our partners New Life Action Foundation Trust (NLAFT) and their work in rural Zambia, and for our partners at Houtberg Childcare Centre in Zimbabwe. We remember our Prayer Day on Friday 24th.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for our partners NLAFT, providing education and welfare support in impoverished rural communities in Zambia. Pray for families already struggling to survive and who have been severely impacted by recurrent lockdown restrictions.

On Monday pray that M8 Community Primary School can fully reopen soon after the most recent coronavirus school closures in Zambia. Pray for children still at home and for older children allowed to return last month.

On Tuesday give thanks and pray for the microfinance project. Pray widows taking part develop successful small businesses and pray they can trade extensively again soon. Pray they can generate enough income for their children to attend school.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for the Houtberg Centre team who provide safety, shelter and access to education for orphaned, abandoned and abused children in Zimbabwe. Pray children gain the education and skills needed to live independently.

On Thursday give thanks for an excellent June harvest from the Houtberg vegetable garden. Pray for wisdom as good harvests throughout the area created little demand for vegetables at local markets and the team were unable to sell excess produce.

On Friday, Global Care Day of Prayer, pray for us as we commit our work and strategic direction afresh to God, seeking His wisdom, provision, and guidance. Join with us as we call on God’s mercy for our projects worldwide***.

On Saturday pray for children at the Houtberg Centre, who returned to school briefly before a further lockdown in May. Pray schools fully reopen this month and pray for local staff supporting the children’s learning while they stay at home.

Sunday 26th – Thursday 30th: This week we pray for our Operations Team and for their specific prayer requests.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for the Operations Team, who support and monitor all our overseas projects and respond to emergency requests for funding. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they work with partners in ever-changing lockdown situations.

On Monday pray for God’s guidance as the UK team work with overseas partners to investigate new project opportunities. Pray for insight as they make decisions about possible new projects that our overseas partners propose in response to the needs of their communities.

On Tuesday pray for peace and wisdom for the Operations Team as they provide extra support to one of our project partners. Pray that the introduction of extra support will help the partner to improve project management and address the operational challenges.

On Wednesday pray for inspiration as the Operations Team continue to be unable to directly observe projects in face-to-face overseas management visits.  Thank God for the availability of technology for online meetings with overseas partners, and for partners’ perseverance despite poor internet connections.

On Thursday give thanks for the quick responses of the team to crisis situations and pray they find strength in the positive comments from families who received food parcels during lockdowns. Pray they know the value of their work for Global Care.

*Names changed to protect identity.

**For more information on John Scott’s Fundraising page see

*** Join us for our Prayer Day on 24th September 2021. For more information, and to sign up, go to


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