Prayer Focus November 2021

I want to help

“But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.” Psalm 9:18

Monday 1st – Saturday 6thThis week we pray for our partners Emmanuel Ministries and their work in Kolkata, India, at Calcutta Emmanuel School and Pavement Clubs.

On Monday give thanks and pray for the Emmanuel Ministries team and their programmes in Kolkata. Pray for wisdom and strength in their work supporting children and families overwhelmed by months of coronavirus restrictions and uncertainty about their futures.

On Tuesday pray for families struggling to survive without jobs, or with severely reduced income, because of recurrent restrictions on trading and travel. Pray for children who are sent out to work to help support their families.

On Wednesday pray for the extremely vulnerable children who attend Calcutta Emmanuel School (CES). Pray that despite severe disruption to their education through repeated lockdowns and school closures, they will continue to have hopes and dreams for a better future.

On Thursday give thanks for Emmanuel Ministries’ work to ensure all CES children can access online learning during lockdowns. Pray no children will be disadvantaged in their education by lack of access to, or understanding of, technology.

On Friday pray for the Pavement Club team and give thanks for their selfless commitment to navigating ever-changing Covid prevention rules to provide support for families at home, and whenever possible provide central activities for children.

On Saturday pray for good health and protection from Covid for the local teams and the children and families they support. Pray for improved access to vaccinations for vulnerable communities.

Sunday 7th – Saturday 13th: This week we pray for our partners House of Hope and their work in Damascus, Syria, and we pray for our partners in North Africa and the children they support (we don’t specify where these partners work and who they are to protect their safety).

On Sunday give thanks and pray for the House of Hope team and their families. Pray that they will be able to access essential provisions and services as the country faces economic and political instability. Pray for their safety.

On Monday pray for the children, many of whom are orphans, who attend School Clubs. Pray they continue to progress at school with the support of this safe space where they can play and learn basic literacy and numeracy.

On Tuesday pray for specialist teachers who provide psychosocial support for the children and pray for the children, many of whom are traumatised by their experiences. Pray the children will know the Lord’s love and peace.

On Wednesday pray for the support sessions and workshops Hope of House run for mothers. Pray mothers have confidence to challenge behaviours in their families. Pray for an end to physical and sexual abuse of women and children.

On Thursday pray our North African partners are blessed and encouraged in their work caring for, protecting, and supporting children and young people who face the practical consequences of cultural prejudice.

On Friday, pray the children continue to make good progress in their academic work, and realise their dreams for completing education and gaining good jobs. Pray for emotional healing from rejection and abuse.

On Saturday pray for good health for the team and the children as the country begins to recover from a third wave of coronavirus. Pray for wisdom for the government as they consider when to lift curfews and restrictions on gatherings.

Sunday 14th – Saturday 20th: This week we reflect on Remembrance Sunday. We pray for our partners, the Addis Kidan Baptist Church Welfare and Development Association, and their ‘Family Empowerment Project’ in Koshe, Ethiopia. We remember World Toilet Day on 19th.

On Sunday, Remembrance Sunday, remember those who have died in armed conflict around the world. Pray for those who are bereaved, disabled or in pain, as a consequence of war. Pray for agencies working to bring reconciliation and peace to troubled countries.

On Monday give thanks and pray for our Ethiopian partners. Pray for wisdom and blessing as they manage and support women’s self-help groups and work with families and communities to address gender equality issues and traditional thinking on children and schooling.

On Tuesday pray that the self-help groups encourage and empower women to save money to invest in income-generating activities. Pray their small businesses are successful and profitable despite current economic challenges in the community.

On Wednesday pray that as families become more financially stable, the women will have the resources to send their children to school. Pray that children are encouraged to attend school regularly and complete their school education.

On Thursday pray our partners can recruit more women to take part in the self- help groups. Pray women can understand the long-term value of investing savings and are inspired to join the other women without expecting external financial aid.

On Friday, World Toilet Day, pray for the billions of people without adequate sanitation. Pray for increased awareness of the importance of toilets and access to clean water in improving health, safety, and dignity.

On Saturday give thanks for Global Care funding enabling the construction of accessible toilets at schools in Uganda, facilitating equal access to school for children with disability. Give thanks for standard and accessible toilets constructed in South Sudan and Zambia.

Sunday 21st – Saturday 27th: This week we pray for our Christmas initiatives, and we pray for our partners Community Concern, and their programmes in Sri Lanka.

On Sunday pray for our alternative Christmas gift initiatives. Pray people will be inspired to donate a simple solar light for a child in Uganda. Pray the lamps improve the health and safety of children and encourage home study. *

On Monday pray for our Christmas Appeal, ‘Modern Slavery and Motherless Children’. Pray that through our partners Community Concern, women find jobs in Sri Lanka, rather than leaving their children and risking their own safety by working in the Middle East. **

On Tuesday give thanks and pray for the Kadella team who support extremely vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS. Pray for children who are themselves HIV+. Pray government health and support services for people with HIV/AIDS can resume soon.

On Wednesday pray for our alternative Christmas gift of a school pack for children supported through Kadella. Pray that receiving school packs, together with the extra nutrition Global Care already funds, equips these children to thrive in education.***

On Thursday give thanks and pray for the team at Morning Star Care Centre (MSCC) in Sri Lanka who provide basic educational support and psychological, medical, and social care to vulnerable children and families.

On Friday pray for the MSCC children, without school for long periods in the last twenty months. Give thanks that the local team could distribute further food supplies and study packs in September. Pray children can study well at home.

On Saturday pray for the Heavena team who support women who have suffered trafficking and domestic abuse, and their children. Pray the women find work and accommodation and can rebuild their lives and provide security for their children.

Sunday 28th – Tuesday 30th: This week we pray for our partners Street Kids Direct (SKD) Guatemala and their work with street children in Guatemala City.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for the SKD Guatemala staff and volunteer teams. Give thanks that the children have built relationships with new staff and volunteers and learnt to trust them. Give thanks for SKDs new centre, Centro Opp.

On Monday pray for the continuing extra tuition classes. Pray that receiving education in a safe learning environment helps

re-motivate children to prioritise their education and enables them to return to school and keep up with their peers.

On Tuesday pray for families whose income has been severely affected by the pandemic. Pray for children who work to help their family finances. Pray for a deeper understanding of the value of education for children in this economically challenged community.





Follow the links to find out more, buy an alternative Christmas gift or donate to our Christmas Appeal. Please note that all donations to our Christmas Appeal received before 10th December will be doubled to a value of £30,000, thanks to match funding.

* ‘This little light of mine’, solar lamps for families in Uganda

** Christmas Appeal 2021: Modern Slavery and Motherless Children in Sri Lanka

*** ‘Highlight of the year’, school packs for children with HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka



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