In 2023, we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary by raising £100,000 for girls. The appeal opens on 1 January. Read on to find out why we're focussing on girls and what these funds will do.

Thank you so much for your generous gifts! We have raised £73,809.71, money that will transform the futures of vulnerable girls across the world.

Give girls a better future: help us raise £100,000.00 during 2023, and open up opportunities for girls that brighten not only her future, but the future prospects of her whole community.

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For forty years Global Care has been changing the lives of vulnerable children worldwide – that’s an achievement worth celebrating!

But while we might take a moment to celebrate, we’re not stopping. We want to mark our 40th Anniversary by raising £100,000 to help us continue our vital work – with a particular focus on filling in the gaps for girls.

A young girl stands at the edge of an open sewer in a muddy slum. Overlaid text reads: A girl with opportunity. A girl with a future. Filling in the gaps for girls.

Why girls?

In too many countries, girls in poverty face additional disadvantage every day, simply because of their gender. Yet evidence shows that promoting the interests of girls increases the prospects of whole communitiesCitation. So supporting the welfare of girls and tackling gender inequality have long been a focus of international development effortsCitation.

However, the pandemic has undermined years of progress for women and girls – years which had created greater freedom and better prospects. These advances now look increasingly fragileCitatio

Filling in the gaps for girls.

We want to fill in the gaps for girls. To remove or reduce some of the barriers they face. This will involve a combination of new initiatives and support for our existing work. Like providing sanitary products so girls don’t have their school attendance regularly disrupted in Kibera, Kenya, or like helping teenage mums learn vocational skills in Kampala, Uganda. Or one-off projects like the girls’ toilets we built at schools in Zambia and South Sudan, providing girls with dignity, privacy and greater safety at school, so they don’t drop out of education. And much more!

a row of Indian girls sitting on the floor, writing. Overlaid text reads: A girl with education. A girl with a future. Filling in the gaps for girls.

We’re determined not simply to catch up to pre-pandemic levels of girls’ empowerment, but to go beyond and give more girls a stronger start in life. Can you help us?

As ever, our initiatives will have a strong focus on education, because education is key to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. For every year of education a girl achieves, her earning potential grows by around 12%. That translates into

  • greater independence and self-sufficiency
  • reduced child marriage
  • reduced maternal and infant mortality
  • having fewer children, who are themselves healthier, better provided for and better educated

Educated girls also grow up into women equipped to participate in community life and leadership, able to advocate for the needs and rights of girls in their own society.

Help us make our 40th Anniversary a year which increases opportunities for girls – because when girls flourish, the whole community thrives.

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