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This Christmas we’re helping marginalised girls learn new vocational skills, to equip them for a better future. Can you help us?

Over 100 teenage girls who were forced out of education, due to the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis, will receive skills training, through a new three-year project in Soroti, Uganda, thanks to our fundraising this Christmas.

A Commitment For Change

Forty years after we took our first steps as a children’s charity in Uganda, it seems appropriate to return in 2023, renewing our commitment to delivering change for vulnerable children, and helping girls who lost out on education due to Covid and other factors.

The goal is not just to give these girls new vocational skills, but also to build their capacity to make the most of their new opportunities.

Some girls desperately wanted to complete their education but were unable to catch up on lost learning, others were forced to drop out to take on casual work to support families struggling with debt and lost income, and still others ended up pregnant or forced into early marriage. Without further help, they face a grim future of low-paid, unskilled work without prospects.

New Skills For Girls, New Opportunities

Our new project offers these girls short training courses in trades including baking, hairdressing and tailoring, alongside a package of business skills training and mentoring.

We expect to help a minimum of 105 girls over three years, with 10 places per year in tailoring, 10 per year in hairdressing and 15 per year in baking. If we can raise additional funds, we will be able to help more students.

The girls will recieve mentorship and pastoral support from our Soroti staff, who will monitor their progress and help them develop entrepreneurial skills. We want to build their capacity to help them live sustainable independent lives, and thrive as young adults.

To run the whole project for three years we hope to raise £33,000 this Christmas.

Head of Operations Steve Wicking says: “So many young women have had their education, aspirations and futures wrecked by the recent storms of Covid. famine and the cost of living crisis. This new initiative will give these girls the skills and knowledge they need to quite literally make (or bake!) a brighter future for themselves and their families.”

Please give generously to give these girls opportunities and hope.

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