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Global Care is a registered international Christian children’s charity.

For over 30 years we have pioneered initiatives supporting the most vulnerable children and young people in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Central America

We rely on churches, schools, individuals and families, through fundraising and sponsorship, to help us develop new and existing projects.

We aim to support the poorest and most vulnerable children and young people, through education; vocational training, feeding and welfare care. For some we provide residential care.

Our experience shows this approach brings effective long-term solutions, leading to independence and self-sufficiency.

This brief animation provides a short summary of who we are, how we started, and what we do. You can also book a speaker from Global Care to tell your church or organisation about our work.

Our Christian ethos

We’re a Christian organisation working in communities with impoverished children, regardless of faith or ethnicity. No political or religious favour is shown nor expected.

We promote Christian values in our work and our actions are an expression of our faith, which in practice means seeking to serve the needs of the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

We believe that every child has an intrinsic value and is unique and precious in the eyes of God.

We are called to express and share the love of God through Jesus Christ, dependant on God’s faithfulness, recognising that he will help us to provide the resources for this work.

Our practice is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ. It is this faith that affects all we do; our working relationships, our interaction with, and care for, others. We aim to treat everyone with respect and work for justice and equality for children in all situations.

Our strategy

Those with a faith and those with none are united by the long-held belief that any civilised society can be judged by the way its children are treated.

We support the most vulnerable children

Some children are more prone to severe poverty than others – those caught in the poverty gap.

The poverty gap index is a measure of the intensity or severity of poverty. In terms of income, just how far below the poverty line someone falls.

In our experience, those children that live where the gap is widest and that experience a degree of prejudice, hardship and poverty more severe than others in their community are:

Orphans, child-headed families, children with severely, often terminally, ill parents, children with disabilities and their families and children from marginalised social groups.

This is because they lack secure adult protection and guidance, they face overwhelming challenges and are less visible and have little presence or voice in the community.

We take a holistic view of a child’s life and address the entire wellbeing of vulnerable children.


Physical health, Education and opportunities to learn, Material wellbeing, Child protection and mentoring, Safety and a suitable home environment, Freedom, choice and personal dignity

We use child sponsorship to reduce inequality within communities and to provide a level playing field for the most vulnerable children

We place the most vulnerable children at the centre of our work – not singled out for privilege but prevented from slipping through the net. And, by balancing our efforts for individual children with community-wide measures, we enable the wider community to develop together.

We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator, adhering to their fundraising promise. You can read more about this promise, and the Fundraising Regulator, on their website.