Lent Appeal 2017

Bring Change

Can you help us bring change for children in poverty in a remote and neglected corner of Myanmar?

Our 2017 Lent Appeal hopes to raise at least £9,000 to support our work with Karenni families, a minority ethnic tribal group still suffering the effects of over fifty years of civil war being fought through their villages.

Karenni State, also known as Kayah State, is the smallest and poorest of Myanmar’s 14 provinces. Families survive on subsistence agriculture, there is no public health care and children have very limited access to education.

What are we doing?

Global Care has been working to support basic village schools, and a high school which serves a vast district, including boarding houses for students who live too far away to walk to school each day. We have provided a basic computer facility at the high school, and support boarding students with essentials like rice, clothing and toiletries. We supplement the meagre income of teachers in one-room village schools with 'helps' in the form of cash or rice.

A fragile peace

Political changes in Myanmar have not yet brought significant change for the Karenni people. Our partner DS colourfully comments: “The Burma army and its cronies are eating the solid chicken meat while the ethnic people are eating the bones.”

Fighting continues in at least two ethnic states, although fragile peace is holding in Karenni State. DS adds: “In my point of view, there will be no true peace and stability as long as all the leaders of all the groups including the Burma Army do not have honesty inside their hearts. What is happening is that one hand is shaking with artificial smiles while the other one is planning to do bad things to each other.” In the meantime, thousands of families live a hand-to-mouth existence, with fear in their hearts, and little hope of change.

A 'Bring Change' challenge

Please help us bring change for children and families in desperate need.

If you want to use our ‘Bring Change’ challenge sheet – you can find a copy here. It offers a series of challenges for each week of Lent in the categories of Pray, Give and Act.

Please use this Lent season to reflect on God’s provision, and help bring change for families in great need.

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Please give generously

£5 pays for extra food and toiletries for a poor student living in the community for one month

£15 keeps the computer project at the high school running for one week

£55 supports students living in the boarding house for one week

£70 supplies cash/rice gifts for one teacher for one year

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