Child sponsorship is an investment that pays for life

These children, from Kenya, live in extreme poverty. However, with just a small investment they are able to go to school which gives them the skills to earn a decent wage and make better, healthier life choices.

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Why sponsor a child with Global Care?

Where a child is alone or faces violence, prejudice, abuse and fear, we prevent them from resorting to extreme measures to survive.

  • We provide long-term solutions, creating stable foundations within communities for the future.
  • We engage and empower local communities – our partners are local people, with local knowledge.
  • We balance the needs of a child – education, security, welfare and health – with community programmes that benefit all.

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What you receive as a sponsor

Your child sponsorship is a personal connection between you and your child, which you can follow closely as they progress through school. You will receive:

  • A photo of your child
  • Your child’s profile and family story
  • Annual education, health and welfare report, for your child
  • A personal letter or drawing from your child
  • A new photograph each year
  • News of progress and challenges from their project and community
  • Apply to join occasional project visits – see the impact for yourself

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Where does your money go?

Your child receives education, clothing and essential materials. They will receive a nutritious meal each school day and our local children’s worker provides committed welfare and medical contact and support, in the home.

Accountability is important to us. For every £1 of donated money we spend in the course of a typical year:

  • 89p is spent on supporting vulnerable children and communities
  • 7p is spent on certain administrative and statutory requirements
  • 3p is spent on attracting future support and fundraising
  • 1p is spent on governance, financial controls and child safeguarding compliance

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Gentle's story

Gentle* is an eight year old disabled Ugandan girl, living with her aunt following the death of her mother and father.

Under-nourished and vulnerable, her suspected cerebral palsy prevents her from taking care of herself. Reliant on others, there is little support from neighbours as there is great stigma surrounding disability in Uganda.

Children with disabilities are usually excluded from school due to poor facilities and the associated costs. However, thanks to a child sponsor, Gentle attends our care centre for children with disabilities, four days a week. With self-esteem and confidence growing, Gentle learns to write and is making friends. Physiotherapy is improving her ability to move independently. Our hope is that Gentle will benefit from future formal education.

* We use aliases in place of children’s real names

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Make a difference. Sponsor a child for just £22 per month*

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*There is no minimum period for child sponsorship – this can be cancelled at any time