I want to help

As an alternative to traditional Christmas gifts, we are offering our donors the opportunity to buy livestock for families affected by disability in Uganda.

In Rukungiri, in western Uganda, we have been helping 19 children with disabilities go to school. Many of these children live in dire poverty, and a gift of livestock would be a great opportunity to improve the economic stability of their families. They are too geographically scattered to be able to join our sponsorship scheme in the usual way.

In Uganda, a goat (or pig) is like a savings bank. They are cheap to keep and breed quickly, so the asset multiplies and kids or piglets can be sold in times of need.

Most of the families want a goat, and others would like a pair of pigs. The first 19 ‘alternative gifts’ purchased through our livestock gift scheme at Christmas will go to these families in Rukungiri, and any additional gifts will go (as goats) to families in a Disability Support Group supported by Global Care in Abeko.

The cost of £45 (per female goat or pair of pigs) includes vaccinations, registration and delivery. Where possible the livestock will be purchased in the local community, so the money blesses more than one family.

We’ll send you a postcard with space to write a message to the person to whom you are giving the gift, with a leaflet explaining the benefits of the project and the challenges of living with disability in Uganda.

Don’t ever think your donations don’t make a difference!