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Kadella in Sri Lanka supports people with HIV/AIDs, who live with a toxic mix of life-limiting illness, stigma and poverty; Kadella offers a place of refuge and assistance. In partnership with Kadella, Global Care supports 26 extremely vulnerable children who live with HIV. They all come from families who cannot afford the food their children need to stave off health-related complications. They also face discrimination at school because of their diagnosis. Kadella regularly advocates to help keep them in school.

Highlight of the Year postcardSchool packs are vital for these children. Coming from families living in poverty, often battling health issues relating to HIV/AIDs, they face many hurdles to get to school. We already provide extra nutrition to help maintain good health. Alongside this, their yearly school pack makes sure they have all the equipment they need to thrive in education. And every year they stay well and learn at school gives them another step up towards healthy independence as an adult.

Of course, long term stability is vital for children who are vulnerable. Global Care has therefore committed to supplying the children Kadella supports with a yearly school bag for the next 3 years.

Your bag will be one of 78 needed to make sure these vulnerable children don’t miss out on education and the better future it can bring. It truly is a highlight of their year.

Postcard back, with space for your message

We’ll send you a postcard with space to write a message to the person to whom you are giving the gift. The accompanying leaflet explains the huge blessing the school pack will be for a vulnerable child.

This Christmas, give a gift to last the whole year and impact a whole life!

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