Many families in poverty worldwide use kerosene lamps for lighting, despite multiple negative effects. Kerosene is:

  • bad for health – the fumes cause respiratory conditions
  • very environmentally damaging – kerosene emits large amounts of black carbon, which has a warming impact on the climate up to 1,500 times stronger than carbon dioxideCitation.
  • unsafe – the open flame of a kerosene lamp in a thatched or wooden hut is an obvious fire risk
  • expensive – the cost of kerosene is a burden for families in poverty.

This last reason means many families in poverty go without any source of light at all. But limited light in the evenings isn’t just an inconvenience. It reduces children’s ability to study, further disadvantaging vulnerable children.

Solar Lamp postcard back

Solar energy offers a *brilliant* solution to all these problems. It’s cleaner, greener, healthier and safer than kerosene. And it’s free to use!

Donating a solar lamp as an alternative gift is good for the environment, good for the health of a family, provides cost-free light and helps children learn well at home.

As an extra bonus, just 20 of these lamps will offset a year of flights for our UK team. Their essential visits to partners across the world will become carbon neutral – another win for the planet!

The solar lamps are purchased and supplied by our teams in Uganda and Zambia, and delivered to the families most in need. The lamps are robust and each one should last up to three years. Your donation also covers the cost of transport and delivery within Uganda or Zambia, and postage and packing in the UK.

This little light of mine postcard

We’ll send you a postcard with space to write a message for your loved one or friend, in a smart gift pack with an accompanying leaflet explaining the simple power of a solar lamp for a family in poverty.

You light up the room postcard

We have two choices of gift card: Our classic blue “This little light of mine…” card is perfect for every occasion. Or take the fun pun option, in pink, perfect for your loved one.

Give a little light and make the world a little brighter and safer!

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