providing a mattress and other resources to a child with disabilities

Disability Outreach Soroti

Our Disability Outreach programme in Soroti, Uganda, seeks to dismantle the barriers caused by prejudice and poverty for children with disabilities - barriers which often prevent them accessing medical care, attending...
Bengali New Year Feast at Bangladesh Cyclone Shelter

Bangladesh Pre-schools

Of the 168.9 million people in Bangladesh, 31.5% live below poverty line. This is one of the world’s poorest, least developed nations.
children working hard farming

Empowerment For Education

An estimated 88% of Ethiopian children live in poverty. Not just financial insecurity, but a multi-dimensional poverty which includes lack of access to basic needs like housing, sanitation or...

Christmas Appeal 2020

In Koshe, children start school late and drop out quickly. Instead of learning skills in the classroom, they go straight to work, in the fields, in the home, on the...

Christmas Appeal 2019

Syria was once one of the most educated countries in the Middle East and standards of living were generally good. Eight years of civil war have changed everything.
Children at school in Damascus, Syria

The Hope Centre

Pre-war Syria was considered one of the most educated countries in the Middle East, and standards of living were generally good. The civil war changed everything.
A girl with disabilities in Rukungiri using wooden walking sticks

Rukungiri Disability

The combination of poverty and disability is toxic. Add stigma and discrimination, and the mix is even more destructive.

Guatemala: Street Children

In Guatemala over 54% of people live below the poverty line, with 13% living in extreme poverty. Nearly one-half of under-5s are chronically malnourished, one of the highest...