I want to help

Be the missing piece of the jigsaw! Join us in helping vulnerable children.

Our Children At Risk fund is one of our most effective ways of helping children in crisis. Becoming a Children At Risk partner costs as little as £3 per month, the cost of a takeaway coffee.  

By Easter 2019 we’d like to find 40 new partners, one for each day of Lent. This Lent, could you consider swapping one monthly coffee for the chance to change a child’s life? Could you convince a friend to join you? 

If you can, we’ll be delighted to give you a coffee on us! The first 40 people to sign up as partners will receive a free coffee from independent coffee chain Backhaus & Co in Fargo Village, Coventry. Thanks Backhaus for your support for children in crisis!

So what is Children At Risk?

When a child falls sick, or a harvest fails, or flooding destroys homes and schools…  we need to be able to step in.

At Global Care we do so much to help vulnerable children over the long term – through sponsorship, through schooling, through self-help and sustainability initiatives. But sometimes there isn’t time to set up a long-term project. Sometimes we just need to intervene NOW.

Children At Risk is our key intervention fund, which helps us act immediately. We use it to react in a crisis, to make up a shortfall and to establish new initiatives.

Medical Emergencies

Children At Risk also incorporates our Medical Response Fund, an enormously effective initiative giving all our international partners direct access to funds to intervene in medical emergencies and help children access medical treatment they couldn’t otherwise afford.

This fund has supported children across the world with issues as diverse as an emergency appendectomy, orthopaedic corrective treatment, dental emergencies, head injuries and broken bones following road accidents, hospital treatment for fevers and infections, and psychotherapy for children with mental health conditions.

What can £3 per month really achieve?

You’d be surprised! A tetanus injection in India for a boy bitten by a dog recently cost as little as 30p. *Yasmin in Sri Lanka needed treatment for a nasty nasal infection after dipping her face into a dirty fish tank to watch the fish! Treatment cost just £2.05. Even the smallest donation can still make an impact!

Can you be a piece of the jigsaw of people joining together to make a difference?

Please give generously.