I want to help

When a child falls sick, or a harvest fails, or flooding destroys homes and schools… when a crisis hits we need to be able to step in.

At Global Care we do so much to help vulnerable children over the long term – through sponsorship, through schooling, through self-help and sustainability initiatives.

But sometimes there isn’t time to set up a long-term project. Sometimes we just need to intervene NOW.

Children@Risk is our key intervention fund, which helps us act immediately. We use it to react in a crisis, to make up a shortfall and to establish new initiatives.

Medical Emergencies

Children@Risk also incorporates our Medical Response Fund, an enormously effective initiative giving all our international partners direct access to funds to intervene in medical emergencies and help children access medical treatment they couldn’t otherwise afford.

In the last year alone, this fund has supported children across the world with issues as diverse as an emergency appendectomy, orthopaedic corrective treatment, dental emergencies, head injuries and broken bones following road accidents, hospital treatment for fevers and infections, and psychotherapy for children with mental health conditions.

Just £3 per month

Without the availability of Children@Risk funds, our ability to respond in a crisis is compromised – at precisely the time we are needed most desperately.

Without the availability of Children@Risk funds to give us the flexibility to act immediately – anywhere in the world where children are in need – our impact as an organisation would be severely reduced.

Working together, we can make a bigger difference. Please give generously.