Over 1 million Syrian refugees have arrived in Lebanon since the Syrian civil war began. Refugees from Syria now make up a staggering 1-in-5 of the population. Services are overwhelmed. Social, political and economic tensions run high.

The challenge

Over 500,000 of the refugee population are children. Around 70% are not in school. With no end to the civil war in sight, if these children are not enabled to access education, their future is bleak – which in turn makes the future prosperity of the Syrian nation a fading dream.

Our work

We are helping Syrian refugee children access education. In partnership with Lebanese agency ‘Out of the Wilderness Lebanon’, we are supporting 100 refugee children, aged 5-12, attending an informal ‘shack school’ in the heart of a roadside refugee settlement in the Bekaa Valley, in eastern Lebanon. We are also connected to a second shack school, for another 50 children, in another tented settlement nearby. The shack schools are teaching Arabic, Mathematics and either French or English, for between three and five sessions per week, and the ‘shacks’ – large tents – can also be used for other community functions, including Saturday fun clubs for children, and programmes supporting women. We are committed to funding this project until September 2018.

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