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Thailand has experienced political turmoil since 2005 including a coup, numerous major street demonstrations and clashes with security forces. The government struggles to fulfil some of its main election promises, including constitutional reform and political reconciliation.
Widespread corruption throughout law enforcement personnel has created an environment where forced labour, sex trafficking and exploitation of low-wage workers is rife.

What are the challenges?

Pattaya, Thailand is known as ‘the biggest brothel in the world’. Children, born as a result of the sex trade, find themselves abandoned as mothers cannot support them or were themselves jailed.

Our partners support vulnerable children and families in their own community. They visit families in the slums with regular supplies of baby milk, rice, soap and other essentials, and visit people in prison, including street children, providing them with fruit, water and other necessities.

Our work

The Haven is a shelter for over 30 children.

These children have been abandoned for various reasons – single mothers who couldn’t support them, parents in jail, others who simply moved away. Some children stay for the long term, but many do not. Some stay at the home for just a couple of years and are reunited with their families when family circumstances improve.

The children and young people receive food, clothing, medical care and love. The older ones go to a local school, and at home they learn of God’s love.

The aim is to nurture children and help them to develop to their full potential.