What is Project Partnership?

Project Partnership is an important tool for Global Care. It enables individuals and churches to give regularly in support of our international work.

Regular giving enables our international partners to plan effectively, making projects stable and sustainable. For donors, regular giving enables the development of a deeper understanding of our work, through regular project updates.

Why offer Project Partnership?

Child Sponsorship is not always appropriate. Our highly successful initiatives offering informal education to children in rural Ethiopia, and Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, only support children for between two and four years. This is too short a period to offer Child Sponsorship, which supports a child through to adulthood.

Or perhaps our partners are working in a transient slum community - as in Patripul, India. Or via a community-based initiative like the New Day Centre in Albania. The turnover of children attending these projects is high, so offering Child Sponsorship would be cumbersome and ineffective. In these circumstances, Project Partnership is the best way of building a secure foundation of regular income in support of these initiatives.

Flexible and effective

In other circumstances, Project Partnership offers our international partners flexibility to develop their work in support of the wider community. Like our innovative Partner Schools programme working to improve facilities and opportunities at government schools in Uganda. Or our work helping families develop self-sufficiency through small-scale income generation in Bangladesh.

Child Sponsorship funds are tied to the development of individual children. Project Partnership empowers us to benefit children across a community.

Browse our Project Pages to find out more. From just £15 per month, become a Project Partner and join our team today!

Project Partnership is available (without Child Sponsorship) in the following projects:





India: Patripul