35 Stories

35 Stories, celebrating 35 years of Global Care

Bayley: 35 stories

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Eight year-old *Bayley takes around three hours to walk to school. Not because of the distance, but because his pelvic problem makes walking a painful, slow, difficult experience. School...
Valentin: 35 stories

Valentin’s Story

Valentin Ndoba was studying political science at the University of Lubunbashi, in Zaire (now DR Congo), when he woke and heard a disturbance outside. Curious, the 24-year-old student...
Cathy: 35 stories

Cathy’s Story

11-year-old *Cathy’s life has always been chaotic. Her father went to prison for drug offences before she was born, and her mother struggled to bring her up...
Sajmir: 35 stories

Sajmir’s story

Sajmir’s parents were brought up under totalitarian communist rule. For many years religion was banned, and for decades Albanian people were completely isolated from the outside world.
Carolina: 35 stories

Carolina’s story

Carolina is a survivor. She’s had to fight to stay alive ever since she can remember.  One of the reasons she has fought so hard is the tremendous responsibility...
Minton: 35 stories

Minton’s story

Horen was a good carpenter. It’s a skilled job, and he earned a good living. But he was always sick, and eventually he consulted a doctor.
Stephen: 35 stories

Stephen’s Story

*Stephen lives with his parents and younger sister in an unregistered simple home in a very poor area of Bathore, a suburb of Tirana, the capital of Albania. The community...
Philip: 35 stories

Philip’s Story

As a child orphaned by civil war, OPIO PHILIP MOSES tells how the generosity of an adoptive family, and sponsorship through Global Care, changed everything
Sujita: 35 stories

Sujita’s story

Personal experience of the devastating effects of addiction on young people and families inspired SUJITA MALLICK to act. Now the former sponsored child is using the education she gained through...