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(Not) Back To School: Lent Appeal 2021

Disrupted education is a widespread side effect of the coronavirus pandemic, and too many children in vulnerable communities will live with the consequences for a lifetime.

Christmas Appeal 2020

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has given to our Big Give appeal. We are both delighted and sad to say that our matchfunding was used up in less than 48 hours, so gifts can no longer be doubled. However, we still need to raise funds to get this new initiative on a secure financial footing, so PLEASE continue to support the appeal this Christmas, even if your gifts are sadly no longer eligible for matchfunding.

Coronavirus Crisis

Although the problems posed by the coronavirus pandemic are the same worldwide, the ability of communities to respond effectively is vastly different.

Christmas Appeal 2019

Thanks to everyone who gave in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. Match funding is no longer available, however gifts to our Christmas Appeal are still very much appreciated. Please read on!

Harvest Appeal 2019

- You're a vulnerable child, orphaned, abandoned, unable to live with your family

Sowing Seeds of Hope: Harvest Appeal 2018

When your partner provides violence and abuse instead of love and protection, your family won't intervene, and you are desperate to keep your children safe, where do you go?

Building ability in disability

The combination of poverty and disability is toxic. Add stigma and discrimination, and the mix is even more destructive.