group of schoolboys, faces not visible

Andrew’s Story: Left Behind

*Andrew’s mum went to work as a housemaid in the Middle East after divorcing his dad, who went to prison for drugs offences. She badly needed the money.
group of girls in school uniform outside the new latrines

Girls Go Too!

In South Sudan, the sad reality is that a girl is more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than to complete primary education.
Rebekah and her mum receive a food parcel from our partners during the first lockdown

Rebekah’s Story: Orphaned by Covid

Disabled *Rebekah, orphaned by Covid, would have become one more nameless victim of the virus without the intervention of our partners in Patripul, India.
standoff between civilian demonstrators and police in bangkok

Democracy Crumbles in Myanmar

“Please pray for the safety of the children, and for us to get real democracy, so they can have a better future.”
A small boy receives treatment for burns to his torso

Making Medical Care Affordable

Our Medical Response Fund, now in its 12th year, continues to impact the lives of vulnerable children and young people needing urgent, unexpected or unaffordable medical treatment, all over the...
Uganda children back at school after Covid

Back Into Education After Covid

When a vulnerable child misses school, they don't just miss lessons. They miss their best chance of breaking the poverty cycle.
Guatemalan boys wearing masks

10 Reasons To Be Grateful in 2020

Despite all the challenges of 2020, at Global Care we still had reason to be grateful. We all remember the difficult moments, but here are ten reasons to look back...