Can’t Do Everything, Mustn’t Do Nothing

It's hard to feel optimistic about the world right now. We face seemingly insurmountable challenges everywhere we look. But we cannot ignore the plight of suffering humanity. Here are...
unsmiling boy crouches near cooking pot full of leaves, on dirt ground

The Boy With No Smile

After two years of Zoom calls and several postponed visits due to the pandemic, Global Care’s Head of Operations, Steve Wicking, finally made it to Uganda. Here’s a...

Covid-19: Two Years On

Two years ago we entered lockdown, as the UK grappled with Covid-19.  It was an unprecedented moment. Worldwide, lockdowns often had horrific consequences for each country's most vulnerable...

“We Were In Darkness”

“Many times I was wandering on the street with empty stomach, I was thinking this is my end life, I can’t study anymore, every day my dad was with...

“Finding the Taste for Learning”

Twelve year-old *Miguel wasn’t interested in learning. Demotivated and disinterested, he constantly told our Guatemalan partners ‘I can’t do anything’ or ‘I’m too tired’. 
group of schoolboys, faces not visible

Andrew’s Story: Left Behind

*Andrew’s mum went to work as a housemaid in the Middle East after divorcing his dad, who went to prison for drugs offences. She badly needed the money.
group of girls in school uniform outside the new latrines

Girls Go Too!

In South Sudan, the sad reality is that a girl is more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than to complete primary education.