Jungle Man

As I spent time with DS I was reminded once again how special so many of our partners are. A self-confessed "jungle man", he feels out of place in town. Even though we met in an area of north-western Thailand which feels fairly remote to me, he still feels uncomfortable. We spent time going through his work supporting village schools in the south of Karenni state in Myanmar, talking through the difficulties of running schools which the government is seeking to eliminate. The government is keen to build schools, provide teachers from out of state and help develop...

The Power of Privilege

Nine year-old Chanti* was desperate to go to school. But her parents needed money, and they made her work as a cleaner in the home of a rich couple in nearby Kalyan.

Surviving the Syrian Civil War

Twelve year-old *Haya was born in Raqqa, and lived there through most of the war, at the heart of ISIS’ Caliphate. The family made several unsuccessful attempts to leave. Finally, after ISIS were forced out, the family fled to Lebanon in 2017, and Haya began attending Global Care’s Shack School.

Teeming Millions and One Sweet Smile

I’m in India. The problem with being in India is that there really isn’t anything that hasn’t been said already. The likes of Salman Rushdie and the Marigold Hotel have pretty much described its over-population, pollution and paradoxical business and spiritual nature.

‘The Difference Between Night and Day’

My husband Tom and I have just returned from a short visit to the New Day Centre (NDC), Global Care Albania’s support centre for vulnerable children and young people.

Contentment and Comfort Zones: reflections on a first visit to Uganda

Student Tim Sigsworth was part of a 20-strong UK volunteer team visiting Global Care’s work in Soroti, Uganda in August. Here Tim reflects on the visit: “Our trip coincided with Global Care’s 35th anniversary and whilst there, I saw countless reminders of why their mission is so important. Here are three lessons I learned in nine days in Uganda.”

A Legacy of Protection

Children in urgent need of protection from gangs or abusers will benefit from a new shelter developed by our partners in Guatemala, supported by legacy funding from Global Care.

“The Hands and Feet of Jesus”: First impressions in Uganda

This was my first time to Uganda, however having friends who live there and having sent many teams to work there with a previous job I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. We arrived late at night so it wasn’t until the following morning that I actually got to see Uganda. I had forgotten how orange the earth is in sub-Saharan Africa, but what struck me about Uganda was how green it was.