Prayer Focus December 17 & January 18

I want to help

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.”

Friday 1st – Saturday 9th: This week we remember International Volunteer Day and World AIDS Day, and pray for our Christmas Appeal, and Global Care Trustees.

On Friday, World AIDS Day, pray for effective international programmes to reduce new HIV infections, eliminate discrimination, end AIDS-related deaths, and end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.

On Saturday give thanks for Global Care Trustees who meet today. Pray for wisdom and clarity as they review the past year and seek God’s guidance for far-reaching decisions in the months ahead.

On Sunday continue to pray for our Christmas Appeal supporting peace-building, teacher-training and improved education in South Sudan. Pray for a generous response to the Big Give Christmas Challenge which is still ‘live’ now, and runs until noon on 5th December. *

On Monday give thanks for Global Care volunteers who give their time, energy and expertise to support the work of Global Care. Pray for blessing as they support our work to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

Tuesday is International Volunteer Day. Give thanks for the enormous contribution made by Global Care volunteers through our charity shops and Fundraising Friends, at our Coventry Office, in the Global Care North East group and overseas.

On Wednesday pray for our projects in Kibera in Kenya, and rural Zambia. Many children are orphans affected by HIV/AIDS. Pray these children thrive in the teams’ safety and love.

On Thursday pray for children living with HIV at our Ugandan projects. Give thanks for TASO (The Uganda AIDS Support Organisation) who provide treatment and support for sponsored children and their families.

On Friday give thanks for the Kadella Centre in Sri Lanka helping children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. Pray that child and family health and welfare continue to improve.

On Saturday pray for children in our projects in Cambodia, Thailand and India who look after parents and guardians with HIV/AIDS. Pray for support from their extended families now and in the future.

Sunday 10th – Saturday 16th: This week we give thanks for the work of Global Care in 2017, and pray for our work and staff in the UK.
On Sunday give thanks for the work of Global Care over the last year, for the ways we have been enabled to impact vulnerable and desperate lives. Pray God’s blessing and strength for the year ahead.

On Monday pray for celebrations planned for 2018, our 35th Anniversary year. Pray events will increase our profile and bring new partnerships, allowing our work to impact more vulnerable children.

On Tuesday pray for new staff in our Coventry office covering maternity leave and those starting longer-term contracts. Pray for efficiency and effectiveness in new teams and roles.

On Wednesday pray for the small team leading our applications for trust funding. Give thanks for all their efforts, and pray they have another successful year in 2018.

On Thursday pray for the Management Team as they plan the year’s management visits to international partners. Pray for insight and blessing for them and their families as they spend several weeks away from home each year.

On Friday pray for vision and insight as Trustees and staff consider potential new international partnerships and programmes for the coming year.

On Saturday give thanks for the generous response to our special appeals this year and pray for God’s wisdom as we respond to extra needs in our overseas projects in 2018, particularly those caused by natural disasters, war, or political and civil conflict.

Sunday 17th – Saturday 23rd: As Christmas approaches, we remember the desperate circumstances of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and pray for children born into poverty, forced to flee in the night or living in violent communities.

On Sunday Pray for a time of peace and refreshment for our UK staff. Pray for our overseas partners arranging children’s Christmas parties and celebrations.

On Monday pray for Syrian refugee children and families in Lebanon. Pray for safety, healing, and for the light of Christ to shine in their darkness. Pray for their futures and their hope of re-building Syria.

On Tuesday pray for our partners in Mumbai, India, and for the children and families they support who fled rural poverty and now experience even worse conditions in harsh and challenging city slums.

On Wednesday pray for our partners in Honduras and Guatemala seeking to help children who live on the streets, or who used to live on the streets.

On Thursday pray for healing for women and children at Heavena Transitional Home in Sri Lanka, a refuge for women who have suffered domestic violence. Pray for self-sufficient, safe, futures.

On Friday pray for our partners in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Morocco and Zimbabwe, caring for abandoned and unwanted children whose families can no longer care for them.

On Saturday pray for our new project in rural Wau in war-torn South Sudan. Give thanks for this opportunity to provide a viable alternative source of employment to young people who might otherwise be drawn to join the militia.

Sunday 24th – Saturday 30th: This week we celebrate Christmas, and commit various aspects of Global Care’s work into God’s care.

On CHRISTMAS EVE thank God for our humble Saviour Jesus, and pray that we are forever challenged by His life choices, living alongside the poor, the sick and the despised.

On CHRISTMAS DAY thank God for Jesus, who came in poverty to die on the cross for our sins. Give thanks that he rose from the dead and today we can celebrate the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

On BOXING DAY pray for people for whom Christmas is challenging and stressful. Pray for those unable to celebrate, or with no means to celebrate. Pray those ‘walking in darkness’ – spiritual, emotional, material, physical – may see Jesus, the Great Light.

On Wednesday thank God for Jesus, who brings “good news” to all people. Pray God makes Global Care ‘good news’, practically and spiritually, to many more people in the year ahead.

On Thursday pray for our international staff and partners, for inspiration and encouragement, and that they would continually seek God’s guidance, as individuals and professionals.

On Friday thank God for Jesus, who “made himself nothing”. May God give us the same heart of humility, with no desire to cling to status, as we seek to serve the poorest of the poor in a world of pain.

On Saturday pray for children in all our projects without parents or extended family to care for them. Pray they receive love and acceptance through our local teams, and know they are part of the Global Care family.

Sunday 31st December – Saturday 6th January 2018: This week we celebrate the New Year, and continue to commit aspects of Global Care’s work to God’s care.

On New Year’s Eve pray for our children worldwide. Pray God’s blessing on each of them, for peace and hope, strength and sustenance in Him in 2018.

On New Year’s Day thank God for this New Year, bringing new opportunities and challenges. Pray that God will give us a clear vision, wisdom, compassion and clarity of action.

On Tuesday pray for all the Global Care teams, and our partner churches, schools, individuals and families, that our trust would be in Him, the Lord of Peace.
On Wednesday pray for our UK staff, for inspiration, enthusiasm and blessing. Pray they continually seek God’s guidance and wisdom as they work for justice and equality for vulnerable children in all situations.

On Thursday pray for wisdom as we seek the best way forward for profile raising, fundraising, communication and donor development activities.

On Friday pray for work on our budgets for the coming financial year (April – March). Give thanks for God’s provision so far and pray for wisdom as we plan for the coming year.

On Saturday pray that this year more children will be enabled to receive safety, hope and education. Pray more families can be lifted out of total poverty, thanks to generous supporters.

Sunday 7th – Saturday 13th January: This week, we give thanks for God’s blessing on our work, and look to the year ahead, Global Care’s 35th anniversary year. We pray for projects in Cambodia and Myanmar as CEO John White and Head of Operations Paul Rowell travel to Southeast Asia for management visits.

On Sunday give thanks for Global Care’s work over the last 35 years and for the thousands of children and families given hope for the future. Pray for a year of blessing for our partners and the families they support.

On Monday thank God for all our supporters and pray His blessing for their faithful generosity, whether of time, money or skill. Pray for successful fundraising initiatives this year.

On Tuesday give thanks for our Patrons, faithfully giving time and energy to support and promote the work of Global Care. Pray we successfully identify more people capable of filling this role.

On Wednesday give thanks for the new relationships we were able to initiate last year, with partners, supporters and churches. Pray more churches understand our vision for vulnerable children and want to work alongside and support Global Care.

On Thursday pray for good health and safe travel for John and Paul throughout their trip as today they leave the UK for Thailand.

On Friday pray for God’s blessing and refreshment as John and Paul arrive in Bangkok. Today they join Titus, our Cambodian partner. Pray for vision as they discuss the work in Poi Pet supporting children abandoned by parents or living on the streets.

On Saturday pray for wisdom and understanding as John, Paul and Titus discuss plans for the future of the project, which provides education, safety, welfare and healthcare for extremely vulnerable children.

Sunday 14th – Saturday 20th: This week we continue to pray for John and Paul and the projects they are visiting. We also pray for a project in North Africa.

On Sunday pray for Paul and Titus as they travel to New Hope Children’s Home in Poi Pet, and for John who travels to Yangon, Myanmar to visit Joshua and the Grace Children’s Home.

On Monday pray for blessing on the agricultural projects at New Hope Children’s Home. Pray that next year the weather will support growth of rice crops and harvests will be plentiful.

On Tuesday pray Joshua and the Yangon team are encouraged by John’s visit. Pray for a period of peace for the home and local families. Pray for John as he returns to the UK and Paul as he travels back to Bangkok.

On Wednesday pray for Paul as he flies home. Pray for grace, wisdom and protection for all our partners operating in social environments which are hostile to Christians.

On Thursday pray for encouragement and protection for children supported by our North African partners, who face social prejudice as well as personal loss due to illegitimacy, and abandonment by families ashamed of their existence.

On Friday give thanks for the progress children are making in local schools, despite the many challenges they have to overcome.

On Saturday pray for families and whole communities, that they will learn to value and love children without discrimination, and pray for an end to worldwide laws denying rights to illegitimate children.

Sunday 21st – Saturday 27th: This week we pray for our project in Sri Lanka and our partners, Community Concern, working with families living near Dehiwela beach, a slum area in Colombo.

On Sunday give thanks for the Morning Star Care Centre providing education and welfare for extremely vulnerable children. Pray the love and care at the centre continues to equip children with hope for the future.

On Monday pray for solutions to the high rate of unemployment and job insecurity for families in this area. Pray for protection for children living in resultant stressful and volatile family environments.

On Tuesday give thanks for Morning Star Care Centre’s partnerships and donor support enabling them to offer extra subjects such as basic science last year. Pray vocational classes continue to equip children with skills for employment.

On Wednesday pray for Community Concern’s new outreach programme at Bodiyawatte, a densely populated slum where many children are illiterate. Pray parents allow their children to attend basic education sessions.

On Thursday pray for safety, health, welfare and access to education for children at risk of physical and emotional abuse, or both directly and indirectly affected by alcohol and drug abuse.

On Friday pray for Community Concern’s counselling and group psychological support programmes. Pray for healing and peace for traumatised children through the work of mental health professionals alongside the love and care of our local team.

On Saturday pray for wisdom and protection for the local team, and particularly the Field Officer, as they work with local communities and visit families in their homes.

Sunday 28th – Wednesday 31st: This week we pray for our work in Guatemala, and our partners Street Kids Direct, as a volunteer team from the North East travel to visit the project with John White, CEO.

On Sunday give thanks for children whose lives have been turned round through the work of Street Kids Direct. Pray many more children will be freed from a life of poverty, loneliness and fear as they fight to survive on city streets.

On Monday pray for the North East group as they travel to Guatemala. Pray for good health and safety throughout the trip. Pray for blessing and encouragement for both UK and local teams.

On Tuesday as the UK group visit the Mi Arca project, pray for Duncan and the local team, working tirelessly in the face of unimaginable challenges to support children living and working on Guatemala City’s streets.

On Wednesday pray for children on the mentoring scheme at Mi Arca. Pray the UK team will be challenged and inspired as they learn how children are encouraged to re-think their choices and believe in an alternative future.


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