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More for More Children Who Are More Vulnerable

Our first priority as a charity is to identify and support the most vulnerable children. Not just those living in poverty, but those trapped by additional barriers preventing them from breaking out of poverty.

Children with disabilities in places such as Uganda, where they are rejected by society and neglected by their families. Dalit children in India, who experience ethnic discrimination which excludes them from school. Girls in many countries such as Sri Lanka, undervalued by families because of their gender and vulnerable to child marriage. Street children in Guatemala, extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation, abuse and crime. Children in countries such as Bangladesh, who have lost parents to HIV/AIDs and sometimes are infected themselves, but are unable to afford food let alone buy necessary medication.

This focus on the most vulnerable children takes us to the ‘dark villages’ of Zambia, overlooked by local government and cut off from resources. It takes us to very recent war zones, such as South Sudan and most recently Syria. It takes us to the children no one notices, the communities no one wants to know, the people with no hope and no future.

“The people that work here, they are kind and hospitable. They helped me. I grew up here, part of what I am is because of this influence. I am the way I am today because of the Centre. They gave me hope. Hope keeps us moving, if we fall, hope gets us up again.”
Sajmir, Albania. Read his full story

Grassroots partnerships & genuine relationships

The most effective way of lifting a community out of poverty is through the people of that community. We don’t set up projects abroad, shipping in skills and knowledge. We seek out people who are already caring for their community. They gain access to our expertise in finance, safeguarding and management and we seek out the supporters they need to operate.

In turn, their local knowledge helps us identify the most vulnerable children in their community and what their needs are so that we can put your donations into the places where it will make the most difference.

“As a partner, the Ethiopian Addis Kidan Baptist Church Welfare and Development Association is very grateful indeed for the ministry of Global Care in Ethiopia. The Hadiya pre-schools are breaking the yoke of illiteracy and communities are becoming more and more aware of the value of education. Thank you so much for your generous support.”
Read more about the Hadiya pre-schools

For this exchange to work, we place a high value on relationships. We visit our partners in person and cultivate openness and honesty with them.

And we value our relationships with supporters just as much. We are transparent about where your money goes and keep you regularly updated with news from your sponsored child or the project you partner. And we delight in taking our supporters out to meet the children their money helps!

“I’ve supported Global Care for many years and have always believed in the work that it does, but seeing it in action has cemented my commitment to the organisation. Global Care …values these children and loves these children, giving them a hope and a future away from poverty, abuse and exploitation, whilst pointing them to the God of love, who cares for them every bit as much as for us.”
Ollie Batchelor, part of a team to Guatemala in 2018.
Read more about his experiences in his blog post

So if you share our heart for the most vulnerable children around the world, and want to join with us in supporting them in sustainable, long-lasting ways, why not consider supporting one of our project partners or sponsoring a vulnerable child? Your support can make all the difference in the life of a child who has no other hope.