Newsbrief is our magazine, usually issued three times a year. It’s how you, our supporters, see what an incredible difference you are making for vulnerable children across the world.

We use Newsbrief to celebrate stories of change in the lives of children. Like *Timothy in Uganda, born with cerebal palsy and abandoned by his mother, but now in an accessible school and excited to learn. Or *Ashia in India, overcoming discrimination in school against her Dalit caste. Or *Kelvin in Guatemala, escaping the traps of street life to exceed expectations at school. We could go on!

We also highlight new areas of need amongst vulnerable children, raising funds to tackle particular challenges as they arise.

And you’ll hear the latest about our fantastic awareness-raising and fundraising activities, from the adrenaline rush of an abseil to the challenge of walking 50 miles in 30 days.

Newsbrief magazine

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