Prayer Focus February 2018

I want to help

See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power, and he rules with a mighty arm…

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: he gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.”

Isaiah 40:10a, 11

Thursday 1st – Saturday 10th: This week we continue to pray for our work in Guatemala and Honduras, for our partner Street Kids Direct, and for the North East volunteer team visiting the projects with CEO John White.

On Thursday pray for the UK team touring Guatemala City with Duncan from Street Kids Direct today. Pray for compassion and a clear understanding of the issues facing children living on the streets.

On Friday pray the local team will be blessed and encouraged as they meet with the UK team. Pray for a fun and happy afternoon of games with children visiting the centre.

On Saturday pray for children living in extreme poverty in Guatemala City and vulnerable to the risks of the streets – drugs, violence and abuse. Pray for parents and care-givers struggling to cope in this environment.

On Sunday give thanks for churches both in the UK and abroad who support the work of Global Care, local staff, and children and their families supported by our projects.

On Monday pray for the UK team travelling to Honduras today. Continue to pray for safe travel and good health. Pray they will be challenged and inspired by the work of our Honduran partners.

On Tuesday pray for the work of Project Manuelito providing a refuge and home for children and young people who previously lived on the street. Pray local staff and children will be blessed and encouraged by the UK visitors.

On Wednesday the team visit a project working with children living and working on a rubbish dump. Pray for an end to the cycle of poverty that leaves families struggling to make a living in this way.

On Thursday pray for the work of the school at Project Manuelito, providing education for children at the Home and from the local community. Pray for safe travel for the UK team as they begin their journey home.

On Friday pray that as the team arrive home and reflect on their trip, they will be inspired to share stories and motivated to continue with their fundraising for the work in Guatemala.

On Saturday pray all this year’s volunteer trips will encourage and bless local partners and children. Pray volunteers will be challenged and blessed by the incredible ways our partners support vulnerable children and families.

Sunday 11th – Saturday 17th: This week we mark the start of Lent and pray for our pre-schools in Bangladesh, the focus of this year’s Lent Appeal, ‘Love Your Neighbour at Lent’.

On Sunday ‘He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.’ Psalm 147:3, remember that poverty and injustice leave many people broken-hearted and wounded. Pray for comfort and healing for vulnerable children and adults in our projects.

On Monday give thanks and pray for our partners Love Your Neighbour faithfully working in Horintana in Bangladesh to help extremely poor children make a success of their education and lift families out of poverty.

On Shrove Tuesday thank God that the generosity of our supporters and our partners’ care, enable children in our projects to experience love, security and hope for their futures. Pray for a generous, committed response to our Lent Appeal.

On Wednesday pray that parents and families will grasp the value of education, and encourage their children to attend the pre-schools and gain literacy and numeracy skills, and skills for life.

On Thursday pray that the Lent appeal will raise enough funds for Global Care to provide Love Your Neighbour with a grant to enable all six preschools to continue to run for one year without anxiety about funding.

On Friday give thanks for approximately 2000 children who have passed through the preschools, pray that they will continue to progress and complete their education at formal schools to enable greater options for their future employment.

On Saturday give thanks that after several years of work, Love Your Neighbour was issued with their official registration documents last month. Pray for Love Your Neighbour’s work at the Home of Love providing safety and care for orphaned and abandoned boys.

Sunday 18th – Saturday 24th: This week we remember the World Day of Social Justice on Tuesday 20th, and pray for our partners at New Day Centre in Albania.

On Sunday pray for Albanians suffering from social exclusion as a result of physical and intellectual disabilities or their ethnicity as members of the Roma and gypsy communities.

On Monday give thanks for the faithful and inspirational service of Evis, the project director, and the team at New Day Centre. Pray they continue to see positive changes for the disadvantaged families they support.

On Tuesday, the UN World Day of Social Justice, pray for governments working towards peaceful coexistence within and among nations. Pray for nations to uphold the rights of indigenous peoples and migrants.

On Wednesday pray for children attending Kindergarten at the centre. Pray they continue to respond to support and therapy, enabling them to attend school or take part in more activities at the centre.

On Thursday thank God for teachers and staff at the School Club and Play and Learn Club. Pray for realisation of their vision to change children’s lives through positive learning opportunities and creative play.

On Friday pray for the youth group which meets at the centre. Pray young people will gain skills and education to equip them to break the poverty cycle. Pray for wisdom and vision for our Trustees who meet today.

On Saturday pray for empowerment for the women’s group. Pray the local team help women learn ways to deal with everyday problems and how to support each other in the community.

Sunday 25th – Wednesday 28th: This week we pray for our partners in Lebanon and their work with Syrian refugees

On Sunday pray for Syrian refugees living in poverty, uncertainty and deprivation. Pray for a resolution to conflict that will allow them to return to Syria and rebuild their homes.

On Monday pray for our Lebanese partners ‘Out of the Wilderness’. Pray for wisdom as they seek to support refugees in a constantly changing political landscape.

On Tuesday thank God for the Shack Schools providing education to a group of children who may have had no previous education. Pray these often traumatised children can learn and thrive in the safe environment of our schools.

On Wednesday Pray for children sent out to work when parents are unable to gain legal or regular work. Pray they have the opportunity to access education.




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