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Far too many children born into poverty end up giving up on school, not just at Lent, but for life.

School dropout has profound consequences: Children born in poverty, stay in poverty. They see their own children trapped by poverty.

Education is the best tool we have to break this generational cycle of desperation. To say goodbye to poverty, children need to get to school AND STAY THERE.

In rural Bangladesh, Global Care’s partners, Love Your Neighbour (LYN), are successfully tackling this challenge. Their innovative preschool programme gives children a headstart in literacy and numeracy AND the skills they need to cope in formal school. How to sit still, how to learn.

Since the first preschool opened in 2005, around 2000 children have passed through. The evidence shows this intervention is making a massive difference:

While an estimated 21% of children in Bangladesh drop out
before completing primary education, the dropout rate for children
who have attended an LYN preschool is just 2%.
Hundreds of children who might never have
made a success of their education have been enabled to do so.

LYN run six preschools in villages around Horintana, for children of landless farmers, illiterate fishermen and casual labourers. Children usually start between the ages of three and four, staying for three years, although sometimes children enrol as late as eight.

It costs £2,200 to run one preschool for 35-40 children for one year. That’s just £63 per child per year.


Our Lent Appeal aims to fund all six preschools for a year, a total of £13,200.

Currently our partners fund the work on a ‘wing and a prayer’, juggling resources to keep it going. Every year this becomes a little more challenging. Let’s give them a boost with a full year of funding!


  • £12 buys a schoolbag and uniform for one student
  • £50 buys enough educational materials (books, pencils, eraser, sharpener, slate and chalk) for ten students for six months
  • £110 equips one preschool classroom (blackboards, floor mats for students, chalk & pencils, record books) OR pays one teacher for a month

Please give generously.