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Oumo David manages Global Care’s sponsorship programme in Soroti, Uganda. He is passionate about his work – for very personal reasons.

Once he was a Global Care sponsored child himself. He knows from personal experience the desperation of a life in poverty, and the transformation which Global Care’s sponsorship can bring. David tells his story here:

David today with his wife and youngest child

“I am one of the young people for whom Global Care has made a substantial change in my life. Indeed I was one of the most vulnerable children in that time. I came from a very very poor family, had no uniform, I would miss school always because no one could afford my school fees.

We were living in a camp after fleeing from a rebel group called the Uganda People’s Army, and the Karamojong warriors. These groups raided, killed, abducted, burned homes. In the camp, my family survived by collecting water and selling it to other families, and to eating places.

By God’s grace I met Global Care’s ministry in one of my schools, by then Nakatanya Primary School. It was 1991, I was 12 years old and in Primary 5. I was taken for sponsorship and this was my breakthrough time. I was provided with good food, fees paid, I got the first good uniform in my life, all my welfare was taken care of.

Surely if it was not for Global Care I would have died of either malnutrition or dysentery, because most of my age mates did die, especially in 1994 when Teso was hard hit by famine. Many children died in the camp, but because we were provided with a meal at school and food to take home, soap and clothes, I survived.

Through this support I managed to go through primary and secondary education successfully until I qualified in 2002 as a secondary school teacher. While in sponsorship my manager built good confidence in me, and in 2003 I requested to volunteer during an emergency relief response, to make and distribute food to people in the displaced people’s camps around Soroti, who were fleeing the soldiers from the Lord’s Resistance Army.

David volunteering in 2003. sorting through clothing donated to displaced families

In 2004 there was a need for a Child Care Assistant, supporting the Soroti branch, I was interviewed and passed, and I started to work for Global Care.

David starts work in 2004, with former manager Anne Emuron

I was taken through several trainings on child counselling, or psychosocial support therapy. In 2011 I was elevated to Child Care Manager, and an Assistant Manager. In 2015 I was requested to act as joint manager, with the accountant, until 2016, when we were confirmed joint managers for Global Care Soroti branch.

First of all I want to appreciate Global Care Uganda and Global Care UK for the trust and the hope they gave to me to take care of the children.  I am very proud to report that with the ministry I upheld in Global Care I have managed to prepare over 500 children to access education through sponsorship, through counselling and payment of their educational requirements. We have managed to rescue thousands of children from hunger and disease, we have also managed to protect the core values (supporting the most vulnerable children and young people) of Global Care amidst many challenges. We managed to rescue many children with HIV/AIDS. I am also proud that we managed to establish a skills development study centre, and develop partnerships with several communities and schools where our children study.

it is delightful to look back to where I started from, it creates in me the zeal that it is by grace that I am in a position where I can help more children. It is God’s grace that has made me see transition after transition. In me I have much loyalty, compassion and love for every child in need.

I am so optimistic about empowering the most vulnerable children with knowledge and skills that will enable them to live a self-sustainable life after sponsorship. Believe me! Whatever small contribution made makes a huge difference in the life of a child. Thank you.”

Oumo David

You can sponsor a child in Uganda, and give them opportunities, just like David, for just £22 per month