Prayer Focus May 2018

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‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’

Matthew 5:8-10

Tuesday 1st – Saturday 5th: This week we consider the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into enforcement on 25th May and pray for our work in Dehiwela, Sri Lanka, and our partners Community Concern at Morning Star Care Centre (MSCC).

On Tuesday pray we clearly understand GDPR requirements and are fully compliant by 25th May. Pray our donors update their consent for contact so we can continue to share Global Care’s work with people who want to receive information.

On Wednesday thank God for the Community Concern team. Pray for strength, safety and good health, and for continued wisdom, inspiration and encouragement as they go about their work.

On Thursday pray for children at MSCC with behavioural problems. Pray they gain a sense of self-worth and hope for the future through loving care and specialist counselling at the Centre.

On Friday pray for parents and caregivers. Pray school attendance improves as Community Concern work with parents to help them understand how education could better prepare their children to compete with the rest of society.

On Saturday pray for children attending vocational training classes in home economics, arts and crafts, needlework and first aid. Pray children gain skills that can support their families now as well as equip them for the future.

Sunday 6th – Saturday 12th: This week we pray for our work in Myanmar with Karenni people and at Grace Children’s Home in Yangon. We pray for our Trustees who meet on Saturday.

On Sunday give thanks for our partner DS, coordinating Global Care support for education initiatives in Karenni state. Pray for vision for the work, and for his safety.

On Monday pray for young people attending the high school supported by Global Care. Pray they continue to benefit educationally, socially and spiritually. Pray for the teachers we support at village primary schools.

On Tuesday pray that families continue to support students in their studies, even though it reduces family income. Pray for students who need extra food, and those who stay in boarding houses near the school.

On Wednesday pray for the team at Grace Children’s Home. Pray for our partner Joshua and his family and give thanks for their provision of care and education for very vulnerable children.

On Thursday pray for the extremely poor minority Christian families living in Chinn State, give thanks that by staying at the home, vulnerable children can access education and break the cycle of poverty.

On Friday pray for a period of peace for the home and local families. Pray for protection of people and physical buildings and pray for good health and a season of blessing.

On Saturday give thanks for Global Care Trustees who meet today. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they review our work and discuss plans for the future.

Sunday 13th – Saturday 19th: This week we remember the International Day of Families on 15th May and pray for families struggling in our projects.

On Sunday give thanks for partners in all our projects, seeking to support whole families and enable safe, loving environments for vulnerable children. Give thanks and pray for your own family.

On Monday pray for the teams at our Homes in Bangladesh and Thailand. Pray for the desperate children in their care, that through love, support and education, they gain skills and hope for a better future, return home, and families are restored.

On Tuesday the International Day of Families, pray that this year’s theme ‘Families and inclusive societies’ will motivate governments to address family policies in the context of promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable lifestyles.

On Wednesday pray for all caregivers in families, for parents, grandparents, siblings, other relatives and neighbours. Pray for justice and equality for orphaned children living with extended family and for children with disability.

On Thursday pray for families whose only source of income is day-labour – including agricultural and construction workers, fishermen and refuse collectors. Pray for global initiatives to both support working parents and end child-labour.

On Friday pray for promotion of human rights and a culture of peace and non-violence within families. Pray for our work supporting victims of domestic abuse in Sri Lanka. Pray for *Kellan’s family in Kolkata, at risk from a violent brother.

On Saturday pray for children in Soroti, Uganda who without adult carers are responsible for providing family income and all household chores. Pray for Vincent* and Jimmy* living with siblings, and for Reanne* who cares for her sick grandmother and often misses school.

Sunday 20th– Saturday 26th: This week we pray for our work with partners at Houtberg Home, in Chipinge, Zimbabwe.

On Sunday give thanks for our partners Pastor Mishack and his wife Lydia and the team at Houtberg. Pray for strength, encouragement and blessing in their work.

On Monday pray for blessing on self-sufficiency initiatives which generate income and provide food to improve the children’s diet. Pray for the chicken project which has suffered from rising inflation affecting the price of chickens.

On Tuesday give thanks for the new land irrigation systems. Pray the team continue to report improvements in the cultivation and productivity of vegetables. Pray crops are less affected by extreme weather conditions.

On Wednesday give thanks for all the orphaned or abandoned children who have become part of the Houtberg family, and who, with love and care, have been given hope for their futures.

On Thursday pray for the health of the children following recent increases in cases of malaria. Give thanks that children at the Home receive medical care and healthy food and go to school.

On Friday give thanks for generous sponsors, donors and partners who have enabled the home to support so many children in a safe environment over the years.

On Saturday pray for Zimbabwe, where 76% of the rural households are considered poor and 30.3% live in extreme poverty. Pray for a period of political stability and that changes in government will start to restore hope to the country.

Sunday 27th – Thursday 31st: This week we remember World Hunger Day on 28th, the International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers on 29th and pray for Global Care projects in areas affected by conflict.

On Sunday pray for effective solutions and strategies to overcome chronic hunger throughout the world. Pray for an end to associated social inequalities including lack of women’s empowerment, access to clean water and sanitation facilities, and education and literacy.

On Monday World Hunger Day, pray for the millions throughout the world without enough to eat. Give thanks for feeding support provided during the drought in Uganda and projects providing sustainable food in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Cambodia.

On Tuesday the International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers, pray for those who seek to maintain peace in areas of conflict. Remember those who have sacrificed their lives to protect vulnerable communities.

On Wednesday pray for our Shack Schools in Lebanon providing education and support to Syrian refugee children and families. Pray for the situation in Syria and for refugees to have hope that one day they will return to their homeland.

On Thursday pray for the Karenni project in Myanmar. Pray for those who still suffer from the lasting effects of many years of conflict, loss and fear, and pray for healing and peace.



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