Prayer Focus June 2018

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 ‘But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.’

James 3:17, 18

Friday 1st – Saturday 9th: This week we remember the United Nations Global Day of Parents on 1st June and pray for specific issues requested by local partners in Zambia and India.

On Friday the United Nations Global Day of Parents, give thanks for parents worldwide making lifelong sacrifices for their children. Pray more parents will understand the long-term value of education and choose to encourage their children to attend school.

On Saturday pray for staff and volunteers supporting Global Care’s stage at Coventry Motofest this weekend. Pray they will be blessed and encouraged as they promote the work of Global Care.

On Sunday pray for a great response to the publicity at Motofest. Pray festival attenders will catch the vision of Global Care and pray for an increase in partners, sponsors and supporters.

On Monday pray for children affected by an outbreak of chicken pox at our project in Zambia. Pray for the local team caring for the children, pray the children have no long-term complications and the illness doesn’t spread widely.

On Tuesday pray for staff and children at our school in Patripul, Mumbai as they struggle with excessively high temperatures. Pray for improved access to clean water for vulnerable families living in slum conditions.

On Wednesday pray for an end to discrimination against Dalits who suffer exploitation and violence simply because of their ‘caste’. Pray for the Global Care Centre in Patripul, providing care and an informal pre-school for so called ‘untouchables’.

On Thursday pray for slum children attending The Pavement Club in Kolkata, which provides informal education and healthy meals. Pray particularly for Angie*, Malloy* and Lima* whose families have very limited income and struggle to afford even accommodation and food.

On Friday pray for staff and sponsored children at Calcutta Emmanuel School (CES) providing free education and welfare support to the poorest children of Kolkata’s slums. Pray for fulfilment of the aim for transformation and empowerment of underprivileged and marginalised children.

On Saturday give thanks for all our partners in India. Pray for blessing and encouragement, for their safety, for good health and for wisdom and vision.

Sunday 10th – Saturday 16th: This week we remember the World Day Against Child Labour on 12th June, and pray for our projects in Uganda as Becky, Head of Operations, and Paul travel to Kampala.

On Sunday pray for achievement of Global Care’s aim to support the poorest and most vulnerable children and young people. Pray that through education, vocational training, feeding and welfare care, local projects will prevent children being forced to work for their living.

On Monday pray for families who can see no alternative to survival other than sending their children out to work. Pray that throughout the world, governments and social agencies find solutions to grinding poverty.

On Tuesday, World Day Against Child Labour, pray for the elimination of child labour in areas affected by conflicts and disasters. Pray for children who are internally displaced, or refugees, pray for protection against human trafficking and child labour.

On Wednesday pray our work continues to liberate children and help them realise their potential. Pray for God’s insight and wisdom as we seek to support long-term sustainable solutions, which address economic challenges in wider communities.

On Thursday pray for a blessed and encouraging trip to Uganda. Pray for wisdom and vision for Becky and Paul as they plan the trip, and Becky as she takes over management of our Uganda projects.

On Friday pray for safe travel and good health throughout their trip as Becky and Paul fly out to Entebbe today and then travel to Kampala for the annual Global Care Uganda Conference.

On Saturday pray for Soroti, Kampala and Rukungiri teams attending the conference. Pray for blessing as they say goodbye to Paul and for a straightforward management transition. Give thanks for Paul’s diligent work in Uganda for more than 9 years.

Sunday 17th – Saturday 23rd: This week we continue to pray for the Uganda conference, and pray for projects in Kenya as Becky and Paul travel to meet local partners from Garissa, and from Spurgeons Academy in Kibera, Nairobi.

On Sunday pray for local and UK teams as they continue to plan for the Global Care 35th Anniversary volunteer trip and celebrations in Soroti in August. Give thanks and pray for members of the Uganda board holding their AGM this weekend.

On Monday pray for safe travel without complications as Becky and Paul travel to Kenya today. Pray for clarity as they discuss their conference in Uganda and prepare for meetings in Kenya.

On Tuesday pray for the team at Spurgeons Academy. Pray for Global Care’s work on revised Partnership Agreements and pray for development of a signed agreement with Spurgeons Childcare Kenya. Pray for resolution to issues affecting work on the new school building.

On Wednesday pray for blessing and encouragement as Becky and Paul meet our Kenyan partners this week. Pray for clarity and wisdom during discussions.

On Thursday as Becky and Paul travel home, pray for smooth travel and for rest and relaxation over the weekend. Give thanks for the management team and their time spent travelling to local projects.

On Friday pray for good health for children in Kibera, several with HIV/AIDS are more susceptible to infections and disease. Pray for those children who are repeatedly admitted to hospital.

On Saturday pray for our partners and their work at Garissa. Pray particularly for staff and local communities suffering from the results of unprecedented flooding. Pray for the safety of people, property and crops. Pray transport infrastructures will soon be reopened.

Sunday 24th– Saturday 30th: This week we remember International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, on 26th June and pray for our fundraising Dragon Boat Race on 30th June.

On Sunday pray for our partners in Thailand and the children in their care, many affected by parental drug abuse. Pray for their efforts to help children receive healing from trauma and have hope for their futures.

On Monday pray for our partners in Guatemala working with street children, many of whom abuse drugs and other substances. Pray the children stay safe, come off drugs and come off the streets.

On Tuesday pray for individuals, communities, governments and international organisations all over the world working to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse. Pray for an end to illicit trafficking and the harm that drugs cause.

On Wednesday pray for staff and former street children at the Manuelito Project in Honduras, many of whom have close experience of drug abuse, either as users or as the children of users. Pray for healing and wholeness.

On Thursday pray for wisdom and grace for our Albanian team working in a disadvantaged community with many children vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Pray for the continued efforts of the government of Albania to tackle illegal trafficking of drugs into Europe.

On Friday pray for our partners in Kolkata, and their efforts to support children and young people whose lives, already challenging, are being further damaged by drug abuse, especially those children living on the streets at and around the railway stations.

On Saturday pray for our fundraising Dragon Boat Race taking place at St Nicholas Park, Warwick. Pray for generous donations and a fun-filled day in support of our new initiative helping children with disabilities in Uganda get back to school.

*Children’s names changed to protect identity.





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