Prayer Focus July 2018

I want to help

‘Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning. You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor’  Job 11: 17-19

Sunday 1st – Saturday 7th: This week we pray for our work with street children in Guatemala City and our Partners SKD Guatemala.

On Sunday pray for Guatemala as its people deal with the aftermath of the explosion of the Fuego volcano last month. Pray that support is directed to organisations which will have a lasting impact on the lives of affected communities.

On Monday pray for our partner Duncan who recently had to return to the UK to visit his father who is very unwell. Pray for peace and safety for the whole SKD team working on the streets of Guatemala City.

On Tuesday give thanks for the mentoring programme providing one-to-one support for street children. Pray for strong relationships between mentor and child enabling children to learn ways to solve their own problems and acquire skills to make positive choices.

On Wednesday pray for children like Lucas* whose parents prefer them to work rather than go to school as they have so little money. Pray for wisdom for the local team as they support these families, and for the mentors supporting the children to go to school.

On Thursday pray for children affected by domestic abuse. Pray they receive healing and peace. Pray perpetrators of violent behaviour learn how to show respect to their families.

On Friday give thanks for generous supporters enabling children to be cared for by SKD. Pray more children can achieve their dream of being able to go to school, receive education and transform their future.

On Saturday pray for the protection shelter being constructed to offer short-term emergency accommodation to children needing immediate removal from abusive or dangerous situations. Pray resources are available for each stage of the building process, and work progresses smoothly.

Sunday 8th – Saturday 14th: This week we pray for our UK staff, for changes in the office and for speaking engagements promoting the work of Global Care.

On Sunday pray for John who is speaking today in Dorchester, and in Letchworth on 15th July. Pray for wisdom and vision as he speaks about the work of Global Care. Pray for a positive response to his message.

On Monday give thanks for sponsors, partners and donors who enable our projects to be maintained and developed. Pray for wisdom as we seek to promote our work and ensure ongoing support for vulnerable children, their families and communities.

On Tuesday give thanks for our three charity shops and the teams of managers and volunteers whose hard work and dedication provides a significant income stream to support vulnerable children through the work of Global Care.

On Wednesday give thanks for the team of staff and volunteers at the Coventry office. Pray they are blessed in their work. As the team seeks God’s wisdom for developing programmes and projects, pray for inspiration, vision and enthusiasm.

On Thursday pray for the appointment of a new General Manager and Operations Officer (Admin) at the UK office. Pray for wisdom for those making decisions throughout the application process.

On Friday pray for Becky and Ella-Sophia who are speaking at churches over this month. Pray for inspiration as they share the work of Global Care in the context of worship services.

On Saturday give thanks for Fiona and Rob and the “Around the World In 80 Minutes” tour. Pray their presentation in Letchworth this evening is both moving and entertaining and people respond with enthusiasm and compassion.

 Sunday 15th – Saturday 21st: This week we remember World Youth Skills Day on 15th and pray for our work to help young people gain vocational skills. We pray for our work in Bangladesh with Love Your Neighbour and for our partner Joshe visiting the UK this week.

On Sunday World Youth Skills Day, pray that throughout the world, young people have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. Pray that individuals, communities, and countries can create a more prosperous future by utilising natural and learnt skills.

On Monday give thanks for our Vocational Training programmes in Sri Lanka, pray for business owners who train young people, teaching them skills and enabling them to work towards independence. Pray the young people appreciate the opportunity and gain life-changing skills.

On Tuesday give thanks for Vocational Training partnerships at all our centres in Uganda. Pray for tutors and students, and that young people gain skills enabling them to find jobs, support their families and gain some independence and security.

On Wednesday give thanks and pray for blessing for Joshe and the Love Your Neighbour team working in Horintana. Pray for wisdom and perseverance as they cope with extreme weather conditions which affect health, water availability and agricultural initiatives.

On Thursday pray for orphaned and abandoned boys at the Home of Love. Pray that with love and care, they receive physical and mental healing. Pray that access to education gives them hope for a better future. Pray they can eventually be reunited with relatives.

On Friday give thanks for the community pre-schools operated by Love Your Neighbour. Pray for continued effectiveness in preparing children from impoverished families for education in government schools

On Saturday pray for Joshe as he travels to the UK with his wife and son. Pray for safe travel and good health throughout his trip. Pray both he and the UK team are encouraged, blessed and inspired.

Sunday 22nd – Tuesday 31st: This week we continue to pray for Joshe, pray for our work in Albania, and remember the UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons on Monday 30th.

On Sunday pray for Joshe and his family visiting a Coventry church today. Pray they, and the people they meet, will be blessed and inspired as they share about the work of Love Your Neighbour in Bangladesh.

On Monday pray for Joshe’s meeting this morning with staff at the Coventry office and for the prayer evening with Bangladesh sponsors and donors tonight.

On Tuesday give thanks for opportunities for staff and supporters to meet local partners. Pray for Joshe as he leaves the UK today. Pray the trip will provide inspiration and guidance for future work in Bangladesh.

On Wednesday give thanks for our partners at New Day Centre in Bathore in Albania and for their enthusiasm and commitment to supporting the most vulnerable families in a challenging slum environment.

On Thursday pray for the youth group and in particular those taking part in an ‘Alpha’ course. Pray the course encourages and challenges the young people, and they find answers and hope for living with their difficult life circumstances.

On Friday pray for the work with children with disabilities. Pray for improvements in physical health and life skills from physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and in behavioural and mental health problems through counselling and support.

On Saturday give thanks for the women’s group. Pray that women who suffer much discrimination in this community find support and motivation as they discuss issues and receive basic training in health care, child protection and tackling domestic violence.

On Sunday pray for children attending weekend Play and Learn clubs. Pray local staff achieve their aims and make a difference in children’s lives through being a positive influence, providing fun in a loving environment, and seeing children learn to smile again.

On Monday, World Day against Trafficking in Persons, pray for an end to the global trafficking of men, women and children. Pray for Governments working in collaboration to bring an end to exploitation.

On Tuesday pray for the thousands of men, women and children who have fallen into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Pray for openness and an end to the fear that prevents people reporting suspected traffickers. Pray for freedom for thousands of people this year.


*Children’s names changed to protect identity






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