I want to help

When your partner provides violence and abuse instead of love and protection, your family won’t intervene, and you are desperate to keep your children safe, where do you go?

In Sri Lanka there is only ONE place you can find safety with your children at your side: Heavena.

Heavena is the only refuge for victims of domestic violence in Sri Lanka which keeps families together for more than a two-week emergency stay.

Heavena sustains families. These children have already suffered dreadful trauma. We fight to ensure they don’t undergo the further trauma of separation from their mothers AND give their mothers the skills they need to rebuild their lives. At Heavena, up to 15 women and 20 children can stay for up to nine months. It’s a place of safety, but so much more.

All our families leave us with a place to live, a job, a small resettlement package and a network of women who have walked in their shoes, at their side.

We are making Heavena the focus of our Harvest Appeal in 2018. We’d like to raise £8,000 to cover the welfare costs of the families in the shelter for a year, including food, school uniforms and resources for children, medical costs, vocational training, counselling and resettlement packages.

Just £37 covers the average monthly medical costs of the women and children at Heavena.

As we thank God for his blessings at Harvest time, will you help us bless others? Please help us sow seeds of hope into broken lives.