Prayer Focus September 2018

I want to help

‘Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

You have set your glory in the heavens.

Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.’

Psalm 8:1-2

 Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th: This week we pray for our UK team, our Harvest appeal, and remember International Literacy Day on 8th September.

On Saturday give thanks for the Global Care UK Management Team. Pray for peace and blessing, and for clarity as they seek God’s wisdom for development of Global Care in the UK and in partner projects.

On Sunday pray for our Coventry staff, currently experiencing personnel changes in the team. Pray for wisdom in appointing applicants to vacant posts and pray for inspiration and enthusiasm for all our UK staff.

On Monday give thanks for students who volunteered in the Coventry office over the summer. Pray they will be enriched by their experiences with Global Care as they return to their studies.

On Tuesday pray for Global Care volunteers, who freely give their time to support extremely vulnerable children and families. Pray they are blessed and encouraged through their service.

On Wednesday pray for a generous response to this year’s Harvest Appeal, ‘Sowing Seeds of Hope’, in support of families staying at Heavena, our shelter for victims of domestic violence in Sri Lanka.

On Thursday pray for children staying at Heavena, who are all supported to attend school. Pray that Heavena’s educational provision enables children to thrive at school when their family is resettled in the community.

On Friday pray for women and children in Sri Lanka living in fear of domestic abuse without the support of facilities like Heavena. Pray for peace and protection and an end to violence against women and children.

On Saturday, International Literacy Day, pray governments will respond to this year’s theme highlighting the value of supporting simultaneous development of literacy and skills. Pray for an international effort to improve lives and create equitable and sustainable societies.

Sunday 9th – Saturday 15th: This week we continue to remember International Literacy Day and pray for educational activities in our projects. We also remember our trustees who meet this week.

On Sunday pray for children with no access to education, and those forced to work to support their families rather than go to school. Pray for education for all children.

On Monday pray for students currently enrolled on our teacher training programme in South Sudan, and for the children they teach both now and in the future. Pray for the project, and for quality accessible education in this desperate locality.

On Tuesday give thanks for the informal schools supported by Global Care in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Lebanon and Ethiopia. Pray for the hundreds of vulnerable children enabled to access education.

On Wednesday pray for projects supporting education for children with disability in Albania, Uganda and India. Pray we reach targets for the 35th Anniversary Appeal ‘Building ability in disability’ supporting access to education for children with disabilities in rural Uganda.

On Thursday give thanks for schools working with Global Care to improve educational facilities in whole communities. Pray for staff at our partner schools, for perseverance, encouragement, wisdom and vision, and for the resources they need to provide effective services.

On Friday give thanks for our trustees who meet today to review Global Care projects and look at future strategy. Pray for wisdom and a clear sense of God’s guidance.

On Saturday pray for businesses and individuals partnering with Global Care to provide vocational skills training and apprenticeships. Give thanks for young people who have completed sponsorship, gained skills and now contribute to the family income.

Sunday 16th – Saturday 22nd: This week we pray for our project in Albania as John White and a volunteer team visit New Day Centre.

On Sunday give thanks and pray for blessing and vision for our partners at New Day Centre in Bathore, a slum suburb of Tirana. Pray for their work providing support activities for disadvantaged children and women.

On Monday pray for the UK team as they travel to Tirana. Pray for safe travel and good health throughout the trip.

On Tuesday pray the Albanian team are encouraged today as the UK team visit the centre and local families. Pray the volunteers are inspired and begin to understand how the project supports the needs of the community.

On Wednesday pray for children with disabilities receiving physio, speech, and occupational therapy, and attending the kindergarten for children with learning difficulties. Pray for UK and Albanian teams working together to develop a proposal to enhance this work.

On Thursday pray for children who come to weekend Play and Learn Clubs. Pray these extremely vulnerable children learn to have fun and enjoy activities at the centre. Pray for Tony and Val who return home to the UK today.

On Friday pray for women attending support groups, and for mothers of children with learning difficulties. Pray they are enabled to care for their families with compassion and confidence. Pray for the remaining UK team members who leave Albania today.

On Saturday pray the UK volunteers are moved and encouraged to share their Albanian experiences with family and friends. Pray for wisdom for John as the UK team review the visit.

Sunday 23rd – Sunday 30th: This week we pray for our partners and project in Cambodia.

On Sunday give thanks for Titus and the team at New Hope Children’s Home in Poi Pet, Cambodia. Pray for strength and blessing as they provide safety, welfare, and access to education for abandoned or unwanted children.

On Monday pray for suitable weather conditions to enable a profitable rice harvest from the paddy fields and vegetables from the garden, which provide food for the children and staff, and a source of income for the home.

On Tuesday pray for positive outcomes from work with the children’s estranged families enabling children to return home. Pray children learn that they are loved and accepted and have hope for their futures.

On Wednesday pray for brother and sister *Ray and *Nesta and for their Grandmother, their sole carer, who is unable to provide enough income to support the family. Give thanks that through the Home, the children receive nutritious meals and attend school.

On Thursday pray for the health of the children, who are susceptible to fever and illness caused by extreme weather in addition to other preventable childhood diseases. Give thanks for the availability of medical support through Global Care.

On Friday pray for children like twins *Denis and *David who have been abandoned without any contact from relatives. Pray they are healed from rejection and hurt through the support of their New Hope family.

On Saturday pray for safety for the staff, children and buildings. Pray for an end to discrimination against children forced to live on the streets or abandoned by their families.

On Sunday pray for wisdom and clarity for UK and Cambodian teams as they work together to plan developments for self-sustainability programmes and progress their vision for the Home.



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