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Horen was a good carpenter. It’s a skilled job, and he earned a good living. But he was always sick, and eventually he consulted a doctor.

He was diagnosed with cancer. Overnight his prospects changed. What would happen to his wife and his young son, *Minton?

He carried on working for as long as he could, but he was soon too sick to work. It was impossible for his wife to earn enough money to feed the family and buy medicines. And if she was out working all day, who would care for Horen and Minton?

When social welfare just doesn’t exist, your options are few indeed. The future looked bleak. Minton was just five years old.

One day the couple heard about the Home of Love, in Horintana, a residential shelter run by Love Your Neighbour, Global Care’s partners in Bangladesh. With both hope and heaviness in their hearts, the worried couple decided to apply for Minton to be fostered there.

At the Home of Love he would have healthy meals, proper healthcare, friends and the chance to go to school. And he could still see his family. In the meantime, Minton’s mother could focus all her energies on caring for Horen.

Five-year-old Minton was accepted at the Home of Love, and settled quickly. The arrangement continued for seven years, until Horen died in 2014. Both Minton and his mother grieved. They had hoped the cancer could be beaten.

Sadly, it was still not possible for Minton to go home as his mother was now also ill. The years of toil had taken a great toll. He stayed at the Home of Love, and she took time to recover. She is more settled now, and Minton, now 16, is the light of her life. Like his father before him, he’s good with his hands, and specializes in art and craft work. He passed his Junior High School Certificate last year, and will be passing on to Senior School soon.

His prospects are bright. Our partners say: “If Minton had not come to the Home of Love, then his life would have been just destroyed. It would not have been possible for his parents to arrange proper food in his childhood and he would not have been able to start and continue his studies. He is the only child of his parents and he dreams to hold a good and honored job one day, to bring smile to his mum’s face.”

You can help change the story for a child like Minton.

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*Name changed to protect child’s identity


Children's names are changed and their photographs obscured for reasons of protection.