Prayer Focus February 2019

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Global Care Prayer Focus  February 2019

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”  Isaiah: 1:17

Friday 1st – Saturday 9th: This week we pray for Jonathan, Head of Operations, who returns from a trip to Thailand and Cambodia, and for our work and partners at Haven Children’s Centre, Pattaya, Thailand.

On Friday pray for safe travel for Jonathan who flies home today. Pray for wisdom and vision as he reflects on his trip.

On Saturday pray for blessing and good health for staff and children at Haven. Give thanks for all the abandoned and orphaned children who have returned to their extended families through the work of the centre.

On Sunday pray for Tollen* and his two brothers whose parents are unable to care for them, even with support from Haven staff. Pray the boys know they are valued and important through the love and care of the local team.

On Monday pray for new staff who joined Haven recently. Pray for peace and a sense of security for the children, who struggle with staff changes due to past experiences of abandonment and rejection.

On Tuesday pray for therapy initiatives designed to help the children learn responsibility, patience, and practical skills. Pray children gain self-sufficiency skills they can use to help support their families when they return home.

On Wednesday pray for children with no previous education who start school late. Pray they are not discouraged and are motivated to learn. Pray they progress easily through classes and soon learn alongside their peers.

On Thursday give thanks for brothers Peter* and Samuel* who have returned home to their family after six years at Haven. Pray they are well cared for and quickly settle into the local school.

On Friday give thanks for the support of the local community and the ways they work with Haven staff to support activities for the children. Pray for the lady giving free ballroom dancing lessons to Garth*.

On Saturday give thanks for local staff who work with families, authorities and communities to enable children to return to relatives. Pray that parents, grandparents, friends and extended families will be supported to care for these children.

Sunday 10th – Saturday 16th: This week we pray for our partners at New Day Centre in Albania and for their projects with disadvantaged families in Bathore, a suburb of the capital Tirana.

On Sunday give thanks for the faithful service of Evis, the project director, and the team at New Day Centre. Pray they continue to see positive changes for the disadvantaged families they support.

On Monday pray for children from extremely poor families attending Kindergarten at the centre. Pray they gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for local primary schools.

On Tuesday pray for children with autism who can access a unique service of inclusive education and therapy at the centre. Pray the local team and children’s families continue to be encouraged as they see improvements in children’s behaviour and education ability.

On Wednesday pray for children and staff at the Play and Learn Club. Pray for realisation of the vision to change children’s lives through positive learning opportunities and creative play.

On Thursday pray for the youth group which meets at the centre. Pray young people will gain skills and education to equip them to break the poverty cycle for their families.

On Friday pray for empowerment for the women’s group. Pray the local team help women learn ways to deal with everyday family and social problems and how to support each other in their struggling community.

On Saturday pray for children receiving Physiotherapy at the centre. Pray they are enabled to achieve a measure of independence and supported to access formal education.

Sunday 17th – Saturday 23rd: This week we pray for CEO John White who is travelling to meet DS, our partner working with Karenni people, and to visit Grace Children’s Home in Yangon. We also remember the World Day of Social Justice on Wednesday 20th and pray for families in our projects who experience social injustice.

On Sunday John arrives in Thailand and travels to Mae Hong Son in the North. Pray for uneventful travel, safety and good health throughout his management trip to meet our Myanmar partners.

On Monday pray for John and DS as they review our project providing education and welfare for Karenni children at a high school in Myanmar. Pray for encouragement and blessing, and for wisdom and vision for the future.

On Tuesday pray for a peaceful journey as John travels to Yangon, in Myanmar. Give thanks for Grace Children’s Home, a refuge for extremely vulnerable children, which provides clothing, food, welfare care and an education.

On Wednesday, the UN World Day of Social Justice, pray for governments working towards peaceful coexistence within and among nations. Give thanks for local staff in Yangon working with ethnically discriminated children, pray they are blessed by John’s visit today.

On Thursday pray for John as he flies home and for wisdom as he reflects on his trip. Pray for volunteers Tom and Barbara currently visiting Uganda and focussing on projects supporting children with disability, who often experience discrimination and isolation.

On Friday pray for wisdom as we review results from our pilot project in rural southern Uganda. Pray for local staff as they work with families and schools to provide workable solutions to enable children with disability to access education.

On Saturday pray for children attending the Ark disability day care centre in Northern Uganda. Give thanks for staff, who provide safety, education, welfare, physiotherapy and practical skills training to children, and support their carers.

Sunday 24th – Thursday 28th: We continue to pray for families in our projects who experience social injustice.

On Sunday pray for the recently formed Abeko Disability Support Group in Soroti, Northern Uganda. Pray for local staff supporting the group in the development of a Playscheme aimed at preparing and enabling children with disability to access local schools.

On Monday pray for Albanians suffering social exclusion as a result of physical and intellectual disabilities, or their ethnicity as members of Roma communities. Pray children will have full and equal access to education.

On Tuesday pray for an end to illegal discrimination based on the caste system in India. Pray for our local team working with ‘untouchable’ Dalit children and their families in Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, providing education, welfare and advocacy support.

On Wednesday give thanks for the Teacher Training Course in South Sudan which provides education, and the potential for a professional qualification, for students previously denied access to courses through poverty, gender or ethnicity.

On Thursday pray for the 12 million Syrians who are internally displaced or living as refugees in other countries. Pray for children attending our shack schools in Lebanon, pray they will be prepared for the ongoing uncertainty surrounding their futures.

*Children’s names changed to protect identity


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