Prayer Focus March 2019

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“He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

Friday 1st – Saturday 9th: This week we mark the start of Lent and pray for our ‘Children At Risk’ programme*, the   focus of this year’s Lent appeal. We also pray for CEO John White and supporter Rob Halligan who are sharing the work of Global Care at a retreat at Scargill House (home to a Christian Community).

On Friday give thanks for children, families and communities who have received help in times of crisis through Children At Risk, our intervention fund, and pray for a generous response to our Lent Appeal.

On Saturday give thanks for the Medical Response Fund which last year provided children with medical help ranging from treatment for minor injuries to life-saving surgery. Pray for children whose families can’t afford healthcare even in emergencies.

On Sunday ‘He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.’ Psalm 147:3, remember that poverty and injustice leave many people broken-hearted and wounded. Pray for comfort and healing for vulnerable children and adults in our projects.

On Monday pray for John and Rob as they travel to Scargill House. Pray for wisdom and clarity as they run workshop sessions on justice, generosity and poverty from Tuesday to Thursday.

On Shrove Tuesday pray that God opens people’s hearts and minds as they talk, pray, worship and learn together at Scargill House.

On Ash Wednesday continue to pray for John and Rob as they highlight the plight of children in our projects. Pray for our Lent appeal for Children At Risk which starts today*. Pray for new partners to regularly support this initiative.

On Thursday as the Scargill conference draws to a close, pray for a committed response from those attending as they reflect on discussions about kingdom justice in a broken world, how the poor can be blessed and the concept of generous giving.

On Friday thank God that our supporters’ generosity and the care of local partners enables children to experience love, security and hope for their futures. Pray for long-term independence and self-sufficiency for children in our projects.

On Saturday pray for clear direction for the team selecting areas of our work for annual appeals. Pray for God’s prompting so we draw attention to programmes where additional funding could make a massive impact on vulnerable children’s lives.

Sunday 10th – Saturday 16th: This week we pray for our work in Guatemala, and our partners SKD Guatemala. We also pray for long-time supporter Doug Preston attending a conference called Beyond Boundaries on behalf of Global Care.

On Sunday give thanks for the local team working in Guatemala City to rescue children living on the streets and preventing children taking to the streets. Pray for the volunteer mentoring team supporting individual children to learn to make wise choices.

On Monday pray parents living in poverty and expecting their children to work will understand the value of education. Pray children will be free to go to school and access homework support and pray they can hope for better futures.

On Tuesday pray there are no hold-ups to work on a new protection centre offering short-term emergency accommodation to children needing immediate removal from abusive or dangerous situations.

On Wednesday pray for the physical safety of local staff, volunteers, children and families in this violent and dangerous environment. Pray for healing from emotional trauma and abuse for children in the project.

On Thursday give thanks for our hard-working volunteers and pray for Doug as he attends the conference in Oxford which explores how intellectual disability challenges theology and mission.

On Friday pray for wisdom as local and UK managers consider the inclusion of children with disability in our projects worldwide. Pray for clarity in our understanding as we seek to provide inclusive programmes and initiatives.

On Saturday pray Doug gains insight and increased understanding in how we can better practice the gospel in church communities and overseas projects. Pray for God’s wisdom as we continue to work towards building ability in disability.    

Sunday 17th – Saturday 23rd: This week we pray for our Shack Schools for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, pray for a reception taking place in Coventry, and remember World Water Day on 22nd March.

On Sunday give thanks for our partners Out of the Wilderness Lebanon and pray for good health and blessing for them and their families. Pray for wisdom and vision for teachers in their work with refugee children at the shack school.

On Monday pray for healing and wholeness for refugee children traumatised by their past experiences or born and brought-up in refugee camps. Pray for ongoing access to quality education as they gain knowledge and move to formal schools.

On Tuesday pray for adult refugees struggling to find employment in Lebanon. Pray for parents who expect children to work to support family income, pray they understand the long-term value of their children receiving an education.

On Wednesday as the Lebanese government begins to encourage refugees to return to Syria, pray for the rebuilding of Syria, pray for peace and reconciliation, pray for stability and security for the country and its returning residents.

On Thursday give thanks for opportunities to speak about the tremendous work of Global Care. Pray for open minds and generous hearts for business leaders as we attend the Lord Mayor’s reception in Coventry tonight.

On Friday World Water Day, remember the 2.1 billion people living without safe drinking water at home; affecting their health, education and livelihoods. Pray for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal committed to ensuring everyone has access to safe water by 2030.

On Saturday pray governments respond to the call to address the reasons behind the safe water crisis. Pray for Global Care initiatives and partnerships aimed at increasing access to clean water in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda.

Sunday 24th – Sunday 31st: This week we pray for our work in Uganda, and for Jonathan, our Head of Operations who is visiting the projects.

On Sunday give thanks for our staff in Uganda, and their commitment to the welfare and education of vulnerable children. Pray for an even greater impact for the work of Global Care in Uganda, through partnerships, innovation and hard-won experience.

On Monday pray for wisdom and discernment for Jonathan as he meets with staff throughout week, to carry out operational reviews, and discuss some administrative issues.

On Tuesday pray for the school and community at Angoram, and for efforts to support the further development of this rural school. Pray limited resources will be used effectively and the team here will work well together.

On Wednesday give thanks for the new play-scheme in Abeko, which supports children with disabilities and their families, and pray more families will catch the vision for working together in order to tackle common challenges.

On Thursday pray for David in Soroti as he works to develop the apprenticeship scheme for sponsored children who are not making academic progress, and pray for Jonathan as they look together at ways of strengthening this programme further.

On Friday give thanks for the Ark and staff who care for some extremely vulnerable children. Pray as new children arrive and others are able to move on, that the impact of this initiative will spread beyond the building, as communities see the value we place on these young lives, and their untapped potential.

On Saturday pray for wisdom and energy for Jonathan, as he continues his meetings with Ugandan staff, and for safe travelling as he prepares to return home over the next few days.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, pray for mothers, orphans, and child-headed families in our projects, that they know love, security and safety through family, friends and local partners.

*Find out more about this at *Children’s names changed to protect identity

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